Women's Rossignol Nova 8 Ca + XP11 (2023) ski pack

Brand: Rossignol

557.91 €

(619.90 €)


This pair of Nova 8 skis from Rossignol is designed for women who like to have fun, whatever the piste. With all its features, this Rossignol ski model will delight intermediate skiers who want to have fun on every outing. More details
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Nova 8 CA Women: Carver with Elegance and Mastery on Groomed Trails

For experienced women skiers looking for mastery on groomed slopes, the Nova 8 CA is the answer. This ski offers a homogeneous platform for carving sessions from morning to night. Thanks to its race-inspired carbon insert construction, it delivers exceptional control and effortless grip, allowing you to carve at speed with ease. Its balanced behavior gives you the confidence to explore the slope, while its durable top preserves the beauty of your equipment

Benefits :

  • Accessible and Responsive Flex: Thanks to Active Flex, this ski offers accessible yet responsive flex. This translates into excellent responsiveness, enabling female skiers to master turns intuitively.
  • Reactivity and maneuverability: The Nova 8 CA's oversize sidecut offers increased confidence at high speeds. It enables responsive and predictable turn initiation, ensuring a high-performance riding experience.
  • Consistent performance: The poplar wood core ensures a perfect balance between weight, cushioning and flex. This combination guarantees homogeneous performance on groomed slopes, making carving and ski control easier.
  • Hardtop: The Premium Hardtop is designed to offer increased strength while preserving the ski's graphics. This extends the life of the equipment and maintains its aesthetics over time.

Technical features :

  • Adaptive Flex: The ski offers three unique flex profiles to meet the needs of every skier, providing a flex tailored to their preferences. The FLEX BOOST is specially designed for responsive energy transfer, offering power and performance.
  • Rectangular Full Sidewall Construction: The construction combines a horizontal layer of base materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) with full-length vertical sidewalls. This provides optimum edge grip, maximum precision, balance and power.
  • LCT Soft Technology: Initially designed for competition, LCT SOFT technology guarantees fluid stability and better control while offering a more forgiving feel. The softer central performance rail eliminates counter-flex, ensuring fluid stability and controlled trajectory.
  • Poplar Wood Core: This technology optimizes the skier's balance and the ski's elasticity, offering a harmonious blend of power, agility and fun.
  • Carbon Alloy Matrix: This unique combination of carbon and basalt woven with glass fibers is the result of a skilful, as yet unrivalled combination. This fusion gives the ski power and strength, while ensuring dynamism and lightness, not to mention maximum vibration absorption and balanced flex from tip to tail.
  • ONTRAIL ROCKER profile: The ON TRAIL ROCKER profile is specially designed for precision cross-country skiing. It offers a traditional camber over most of the ski's length, favoring explosive power and instant grip, with a slight rocker at the tip to facilitate turn initiation and control.
  • Oversized Sidecut: By combining the cut of a carving ski with today's underfoot widths, the OVERSIZE SIDECUT offers powerful precision, excellent grip and enhanced stability and control.
  • Weight: 3.1 kg per pair

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