Vaude tents, essential elements for your next expeditions

The mountain equipment manufacturer offers a wide range of tents

Known for its quality products and its eco-responsible commitment, Vaude is the company that designs products for all sports. Although its positioning is focused on the practice of cycling, all the products produced are functional, ethical and ecological.

The tents that this equipment manufacturer offers you today are incredible! The many advantages, the multiple technical characteristics and the hundreds of ways to use them, make this product range, wonderful. Alpinstore tells you more…

Colorful nights

If you like to refresh your mind by spending an unusual night, then opt for Vaude tent fabrics. The range is broken down into several models, in order to best meet all requests. Whether for trekking, hiking or family camping, Vaude offers any type of tent, to choose according to your expeditions. Depending on the model, the tents come with one or more entrances, with a mosquito net or not, with one or more vestibules ...

In this blog post, we give you an ideal tent model for each outdoor activity.

If you are a big fan of mountaineering, choose the tentHogan SUL 2P

This minimalist tent, specially designed for mountaineering provides you with more incredible moments than ever. Easy to assemble / dismantle, wind resistant but also made with respect for nature, the Hogan SUL tent will be ideal for your next expeditions.

Accommodating up to 2 people, this canvas has the advantage of being usable during the three seasons: spring, summer, autumn. Note that it is designed for all people who care about the weight of their equipment since the Hogan Sul is very light and will perfectly meet your expectations.

The indoor climate will be impressive thanks to adjustable ventilation openings. Alpinstore tells you that it will be difficult to make it lighter and more comfortable than this tent.

If you are a trekking practitioner, choose the tent Space Seamless 2 / 3P

This very light tent canvas is ideal for trekking enthusiasts. Through its technical characteristics, it ensures optimal comfort during your expeditions. Able to accommodate up to 2 or 3 people, it promises a considerable space thanks to its two apses. You will understand, storage is not a problem in this tent!

Note that this Space Seamless model favors the "Vaude Only" silicone sealing technology, which makes it a 100% waterproof product in bad weather. It's always better to be dry when the weather is not on our side.

This reliable and required equipment ensures pleasant moments, whatever the weather. This will therefore be your best ally for your next ambitious trekking.

If you like to hike over several days, favor the tentTaurus 3P

The Taurus tent is perfect for all hikers. Accessible to the greatest number of us, this model is designed to be easy to assemble but also to be usable during the 3 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn. What could be better than a tent that is used almost all year round?

Ideally ventilated with an opening in the roof, the Taurus tent helps protect you in bad weather, heavy rain. Also very stable and pleasant, this model ensures an important place, especially at the level of your feet.

If you are a camper every summer, then choose the family tentBadawi 6P

This tent canvas is ideal for a short camping trip, with the family. Indeed, its capacity being 6 people, you can go camping with all your children and this, while staying under the same roof.

Its large luxurious space, its 2 bedroom cabins and its excellent ventilation make this model a marvel. No more crushed nights under the roof of your small tent, no more insomnia due to lack of space! With the Badawi model, the room becomes longitudinal.

What if it is bad? No worries since this tent comes with an impressive seal. What if you have a lot of business? No problem either, because many storage pockets are designed for you

Alpinstore has unveiled 4 of its Vaude models, but head over to our tents to take a look at all the other Vaude models available.