In less than a month, we'll be celebrating our moms! This year Mother's Day falls on June 7th. It's time to rack your brains to find the gift that will make her happy!

At Alpinstore, you can please all sporty moms with a variety of products adapted to different types of outdoor sports: running, trail, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, ... but not only will you find products for everyday life, lifestyle, to enjoy the beautiful days ahead and to please moms a little less sporty.

To help you find inspiration for Mother's Day, we've prepared a selection of products according to the activity your mom does and for all budgets!

Mummy climber

black diamond

For all the moms who are passionate about climbing, there are a lot of ideas you can have to please her. Climbing is a discipline that requires a lot of equipment. So you have a lot of choice and for all budgets. Why not, offer him a climbing helmet or a harness? Climbing booties or women's approach shoes would also be a great gift. For smaller budgets, there are all kinds of hardware: carabiners, insurers, quickdraws, magnesia... You can also opt for textiles with the brands ABK, E9, Prana or Black Diamond.

Discover our inspiration climbing selection:

Mummy traileuse


For moms who aspire to run in the mountains or on hilly paths, a trail-type gift is ideal. Once again, you have the choice to please your trailing mom! Trail shoes, technical shorts, light and breathable t-shirt, hydration bag or trail poles, there is a choice for every budget! Just for small budgets: socks adapted to the trail are always useful!

Discover our trail selection:

Mother hiker


Your mother regularly hikes in the mountains or goes on treks, Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the GR20 among others. You will be able to spoil her by equipping her with hiking equipment: low or high hiking boots, hiking backpack, hiking textile, mountain sunglasses, hat, among other accessories!

Discover our hiking selection:

Mummy Yoga


Yoga or pilates, no secrets from your mom? These indoor sports require a little less equipment, but you can still please her with several little things at Alpinstore: yoga mats, stretch leggings, breathable and comfortable tops, sports bras... The key word: comfort and well-being.

Discover our yoga selection:

Mommy who prefers to watch sports on TV


You can also make your mummy, who is not necessarily sporty, happy at Alpinstore! We have a selection of lifestyle products to wear every day. Why not, offer her a nice swimsuit or flip-flops so she can get a tan in the sun? We also have a selection of more urban products: sandals, city sneakers, little dresses and skirts, fashionable sunglasses...

Discover our lifestyle selection:

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