With Scott, we worked to give you the best ski touring equipment. If you want to climb the mountains, to enjoy landscapes, to ski from november to april, we are here to present our perfect combo for the mountaineering skiing.

Scott speedguide freerando

The shoe : comfort and performance

It's really important to choose the right ski touring shoe, which for each outings, will allow you to face the difference in height and to manage your skis during the descent. When you decide to go down, it is necessary to have the best equipment.

Scott Cosmos III : simplicity, solidity and security

It is the freerando shoe which adapts to all conditions and especially to the high mountains. During your ascension, the Scott Cosmos brings you the mobility and a very good support during your turns, complemented by an excellent energy transfer through Rear Hook system.

The Scott Cosmos is a technical shoe designed to take you in a high mountains and bend in big spaces. It has many advantages : Vibram sole, 4 adjustable micro loops and a collar rotation of 60 °.

Scott Cosmos

Scott Céleste : comfort and confort et exigeance au féminin

Scott Celeste is design for women and conceived for mountaineering skiing. This shoe offers both a high level of comfort and a progressive and tolerant flex. It offers you, many advantages to complete each of your outings : vibram sole, 4 adjustable micro loops and a collar rotation of 60 °.

Scott Céleste chaussure ski randonnée

2) Freerando : Big spaces for mountaineering

Even if there is no perfect compromise, we are always looking for lightness on the ascent and floating during downhill, to enjoy the powder. The Speedguide is definitely the ski that you need.

Scott brought a very performant ski designed fo ski touring enthusiasts. The brand positioned itself to satisfy demanding skiers, who are looking for sensation

Speedguide 89 : mean machine

It's the perfect compromise ascent/downhill. A very light ski which seems ideal and impressive. The Speedguide 89 has carbon reinforcements and an elliptical wood core to improve the torsion and the stability.

This ski is makes with carbon, which permit to improve the performance. The stability and the maintenance of the ski allow you to enjoy the powder and to control during committed corridor.

"An ideal ski designed for the freerando. Very light on the ascent and very efficient on the descent, it is perfect to enjoy your ski days. I appreciated very much its driving in the powder. This ski adapts itself to the different snow conditions " Sébastien - Expert ski mountaineering - Alpinstore


Scott Speedguide 89 descente

Speedguide 88 : grip and stability for women 

Scott is specially designed for you ladies. Like for the men, it's a ski conceived for the high mountain and to have a ski which guarantees you lightness during ascent and control to the descent.

When you are in a demanding descent it is necessary to have edges which permit to grip and control each turn. It is also a ski which has grip on hard snow, whatever the conditions, you will enjoy it. 

Scott perfectly designed a range combining lightness and performance. A ski of quality answering the requirement of the discipline and a product that our team recommend you