At this special time of the year, all confined to limit the spread of this virus as much as possible, it is important to escape, even if only through the eyes.

And why not look ahead to our future holidays?

It's important to stay positive and keep moving forward and making plans.

Mountain lovers?
Do you want to discover new spaces while trekking?
Do you like the freedom that trekking gives you?
Then this article is for you.

We share with you our top 5 mountain destinations for your sports holidays, which may give some people ideas!

Region n° 1 : Mont-Blanc, Chamonix (France)


Region n° 2 : Banff National Park (Canada)


Region n° 3 : Tongariro National Park (New-Zeland)


Region n° 4 : Dolomites (Italy)

dolomites italie

Region n° 5 : Mont Fuji (Japan)


Of course this is only a small selection of destinations, there are so many!

Until you can get out and enjoy our mountains, you can already get ready for your next adventures. You will find all the equipment you need at Alpinstore to enjoy our playground as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

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