You plan to go on a trek over several days with a backpack on your back?

In total autonomy, you will have to carry your tent, sleeping bag, ultralight mattress, water, food, stove, technical clothes in merino wool to limit odors, among other small things. You will need a backpack with a capacity of 50 L or more. These large capacity backpacks are designed to fit your body type and help you carry your hiking gear in the best possible way with adapted and padded shoulder straps and belts to improve comfort.
As an indication, here is the table of correspondence between your weight and the weight of your backpack to be preferred:

Weight of the adult (man or woman)

Recommended total backpack weight

Maximum total weight of the backpack

50 kg

7,5 kg

10 kg

65 kg

9,75 kg

13 kg

70 kg

10.5 kg (22.5 lbs)

14 kg

90 kg

13,5 kg

18 kg


How to choose your backpack according to its frame

Depending on the brand and model, there are different frames, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide which backpack to choose, here are the different frames for trekking backpacks.

  1. Hiking backpacks with mesh frames

These are the most ventilated backpacks as the mesh frame allows air to pass between the bag and the wearer's back. These backpacks are ideal for summer and hot countries in general. In addition, this frame gives the impression of not having a bag on your back. On the other hand, the fact that there is space between the net and the backpack means that the load of the backpack is necessarily shifted somewhat to the back. You should therefore avoid carrying too much weight with this type of rucksack (maximum 8 kg of load). Also avoid this frame on steep terrain and for active walking as it is not ergonomic.

  1. Hiking backpacks with padded foam

This type of padded foam frame allows a more ergonomic carrying on the back of the carrier. This type of backpack is to be preferred for stability and ergonomics during your trekking. Very comfortable, you can carry heavy loads with these bags. As for the disadvantages, the fact that they are padded at the back, the shoulder straps and the waist increases the weight of the backpack when empty but when you plan to carry a heavy load, you are no longer close to it and it is better to plan a comfortable, stable and ergonomic backpack to feel the weight of the backpack less. This type of frame is also less breathable.

  1. Backpacks with suspended mesh

With this type of frame, you have a compromise between the other two. With the hiking backpacks with suspended net, you can carry heavy loads, while having ergonomics, comfort of carrying by avoiding a load shift towards the back, thanks to the suspended net flexible in 3D which also allows a good ventilation of the back. This frame can be found in the Osprey backpack range.


Other important elements of the backpack

  1. The shoulder straps and waist belt

The shoulder straps and waist belt on this type of large backpack are usually made of the same materials as the back of the backpack, either foam or mesh. What you should definitely look for if you know you are going to be carrying a heavy load is that the backpack should have padded shoulder straps and waist belt, this will directly influence your comfort. Long distance hiking and trekking backpacks are designed for this purpose and are therefore equipped with dense, comfortable foam throughout the backpack frame, perfectly suited to heavy loads.

  1. Access, pockets and accessories

In order to make your choice more precise, you should now focus on the practicality of the hiking backpack. To do this, you need to look at all the pockets, the different accesses of the backpack and the accessories with which your choices are equipped. Here, no rules, you have to look at what you find most practical for your use, if an opening just from the top suits you or if you prefer to have access on the side as well, other backpacks allow you to open the compartment in U... In this case, you have to test the different accesses well to know which one corresponds to you the most.
Depending on the model, small accessories can make the difference: rain cover included, pole holder, secret pockets, hydration bag pocket and pipette outlet...


Our top 5 trekking bags

Now that you see more clearly on how to choose your backpack for multi-day hiking. Check out our top 5.

1 Osprey - Atmos 50

osprey atmos 50

The revolutionary new Atmos AG 50 backpack from Osprey is designed with a unique AG AntiGravity™ back panel that includes the world's first fully ventilated belt. Whether you're exploring hot climates or hiking across the tundra, the mesh fabric and perforated 3D back panel provides unparalleled comfort and ventilation.

2 Gregory - Katmai 55

gregory katmai 55

Among the multitude of backpacks on the market, Gregory's Katmai 55 trekking bag stands out for its incredible comfort and ergonomics. Thanks to the FreeFloat 360 suspension system combined with lightweight yet sturdy materials, you'll stay comfortable and dry throughout your trek.

3 Deuter - Aircontact Lite 40+10

deuter aircontact

The functional Aircontact Lite trekking backpack from Deuter will please you with its neat design and perfect balance of comfort, weight and ventilation. The innovative Aircontact Lite back system ensures optimal loading with good ventilation and thus offers ideal conditions for long treks and high-altitude excursions.

4 Millet - Ubic 50+10

millet ubic 50+10

The Millet UBIC 50+10L backpack is specially designed for adventure. Its volume and versatility provide optimum comfort for mountainous terrain and long excursions. With this Millet bag, you're opting for a high-performance, well-accessorized trekking backpack.

5 Lowe Alpine - AirZone Trek 45:55

lowe alpine aizone trek

The AirZone Trek 45:55 backpack from Lowe Alpine has a comfortable carrying system and offers you good support, even on difficult hikes. This backpack features the award-winning fully adjustable, breathable AirZone+ carrying system and patented FormKnit™ technology for all-day comfort. Made from a durable, hard-wearing fabric, the AirZone Trek 45:55 features a zippered front opening for easy access to the main compartment. Ideal for your multi-day hikes.