Our ambassador Clémence David tested Julbo's Aerospeed sunglasses and gives us feedback

Her season

After a long break for Clémence, she is finally back on skis to thrill those around her and her fan club. In great shape, she trains non-stop to hope for good results during her competitions.

The Dahu race which took place in La Plagne went extremely well for her since she finished 3rd in the scratch. She then went on to Courchevel with the Millet Ski Touring where she also finished 3rd junior. The level and the form are well back and will be with her during her next competitions, notably for the Pierra Menta where she will be accompanied by her Pyrenean teammate.


Aerospeed - Julbo

Clémence David who has been our ambassador for several seasons now, has tested the Aerospeed sunglasses and gave us feedback to give you additional information on the product and therefore to help you in your choices.

"Since the start of the season, I have tested Julbo Aerospeed glasses which offer an exceptional field of vision. Not to mention that they are of incredible quality, whatever the weather. Besides being very pretty, They are ultra-light which helps me in my sessions because no discomfort is felt in my visual comfort. The glasses which are of good quality, do not move whatever the effort. Usable in all weathers Thanks to the Reactiv Photochromic technology, the lenses darken or lighten depending on the light - what better way to go skiing in the snow or under the sun.

Thanks to Julbo and Alpinstore for their confidence