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The project "Sharing the sky" was developed around the fact that birds of prey and paragliders share the same space, the one in which birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle, the Bearded Vulture or the Peregrine Falcon live and reproduce.

In order to preserve these sensitive species and to allow a maximum of contemplative interactions between these sky enthusiasts, the LPO and the French Federation of Free Flight are working together for a better knowledge of birds of prey in the sport.
To do this, a working methodology was defined a few years ago. It is a question of identifying the nesting sites which are the sensitive areas defended by these birds of prey; and in agreement with the sportsmen, to communicate on the nesting sites so that, during the practice, they can respect a"bubble of quietude" having for center the nest and thus to avoid the disturbance which could lead to an abandonment of the reproduction.

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To achieve this, extensive fieldwork was carried out to identify the nesting sites, and then a consultation process was initiated with free-flyers to define the modalities for setting up quietness bubbles site by site. This work, already underway in several sectors, has been expanded and developed in new areas, particularly in the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, thanks to the "partageons le ciel" projects. All the nesting sites presenting a reproduction in progress for one of these sensitive species in 2021 as well as all the sites presenting a regulation of protection being able to have an impact on the practice are mapped and referenced within an Application of exchange of data which is consultable by all at the following link: https: //
In order to really improve the knowledge of these zones by paragliders, a script has been developed to adapt these data to the OpenAir format, used in the GPS of flight by paragliders. These zones will be published on the FFVL's map of practice sites.


The objective is to allow paragliders to load these zones directly into the flight GPS to have an audible alert when flying over a quiet bubble.
The necessary script has been written and the file is now being tested by some clubs and paragliders. Here is a picture of the application used by a paraglider met and enthusiastic about the access they can have to these quiet zones!

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