ODLO : the new Active Spine technology to keep your back straight!

ODLO : the new Active Spine technology to keep your back straight!


ODLO ACTIVE SPINE : the intelligent underwear revolution

The most innovative next-to skin performance base layer on the market. Engineered to ensure dynamic posture control during and after sports for improved athletic performance.

Active spine odlo

ACTIVE SPINE technology of the brand Odlo plays on several boards :

  1. ACTIVE POSTURE CONTROL: Fixed ACTIVE SPINE element delivers postural stability by aligning shoulders, spine and torso.
  2. INCREASED OXYGEN INTAKE: Low chest compression zone allows maximum lung expansion for increased oxygen intake.
  3. REDUCED MUSCLE FATIGUE: Body-fit construction improves blood circulation and reduces muscle vibration.

Active Spine Odlo

In which case do you wear the Odlo Active Spine T-shirt?

During your intense sessions, such as Fitness, Crossfit, Bodybuilding. But also running, team sports ... to reduce muscle fatigue and improve your posture. On a daily basis, if you have back pain, the t-shirt can help improve your posture at work and thus reduce back pain.

active spine odlo  active spine odlo  

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