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Impeccable on the quality of our sports equipment, we offer you the best range of men's backpacks for running . But also models designed for women . You will be able to store your stuff in the different compartments and the bags are so light that you won't feel them when you're on the trail. Alpinstore tells you more about trail running.


The word "trail" is a shortened version of the term "trail running" as it nowadays means running on trails in a natural environment. Trail is simply running in the mountains. Since the 90s when the first races were organized, this sport has diversified since it can be practiced in different forms such as :

- The Ultra trail: running the distance of at least 100km. In Haute Savoie for example, there is the ultra trail of the tour of Mont Blanc.
- The Skyrunning : running in high mountains that must exceed at least once the 2000m altitude, during the course.
- The trail runs at medium distance : running that includes a maximum of 30km for short trails and can go up to 65km with a minimum elevation gain of 1000m and maximum of 3000m, for medium-distance trails.
- The Snow trail : running that takes place in winter, in the snow.


Whether French or not, these legends of sport are known and recognized worldwide thanks to their incredible performances. If you are on this page, it is undoubtedly that you know, Mr Kilian Jornet, the Spanish "ultra terrestrial". This little man who has already won everything, excels in all mountain disciplines.

The Frenchman François d'Haene who is very appreciated by the community is indeed the double winner of the ultra trail of Mont Blanc but also the ultra trail world tour. Without forgetting Xavier Thevenard, who won three races of more than 100km as well as the ultra trail of Mont Blanc.


As you may have understood, the trail is in the mountains over long distances so it is important to be well equipped. Whatever your activity and when the sun is out, it is very important to stay hydrated. On the other hand it is difficult to stop regularly to drink, when the primary goal is to cover kilometers.

An ideal trail backpack should therefore have :

- From a special compartment water pocket. This is where the hydration bag makes sense. Many backpacks are designed for this purpose and therefore have a special compartment for the water pouch. Have a look at Camelbak; Raidlight. Some brands such as trail ultimate direction bags even talk about a hydration vest.
- From a spacious main compartment to store your clothes, be it a change of t-shirt, a vest or a raincoat.
- To be even more efficient on long distances, there are backpacks with stretch pockets on the sides...who welcome your gourds. Once your hydration pocket is finished, don't panic, you still have the gourds! Trailblazer's trailblazing bags Raidlight for example, offers you this option.
- Adjustable strapsto limit friction in your shoulders and back. When the backpack is in place on your back, the straps play an indispensable role in ensuring optimal comfort.
- A pocket on the waist belt to keep energy bars close to your hands. Feeling a little peckish? Everything is within reach with the pockets of the CMP trail bags for example.

If you don't want to load your back with a bag, then opt for the Camelbak trail belt for example. This one is also very efficient and is ideal for shorter distances. It allows you to leave light, while taking with you the bare necessities. Raidlight; Ultimate Direction; Scott ; or CMP offers you a wide selection of belts.

Alpinstore has told you everything you need to know about trail running, so don't hesitate and go ahead and take a look at our equipment designed for this sport. Believe us, a good trail bag will make you gain in performance no matter how far you go, so make the right choice.

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