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The shorts or leggings, an ideal garment for freedom of movement.

Alpinstore offers you shorts and leggings that seem to fit a maximum of activity. Whether it is for running, cycling, hiking, swimming or walking, there is a wide selection to choose from. Alpinstore tells you more about shorts and leggings.


- Sport shorts :

The sports shorts can be presented in different ways to best suit every activity. There are ODLO running shorts...Karpos, and Scott, for example. They are perfect shorts for running as they are often very light and made with stretch fabric for excellent freedom of movement. More and more, these sport shorts will have a tight fit inside to avoid friction and to maximize comfort during your runs.

There are also multi-sport shorts designed for women, mainly used for hiking, as can be seen in theVaude , Columbia or Lafuma hiking shorts . These shorts are often stretchy to be comfortable when you move around, but also have pockets on the front and back to carry a few essentials with you.

- Cycling shorts :

A qualitybike short is a short that ensures comfort whatever the intensity of the effort, an incredible freedom of movement thanks to its stretch fabric but also a padding at the buttocks for an optimal comfort on your saddle. We propose you some with the Vaude brand which is positioned on the mountain bike as well as on the downhill mountain bike.

The downhill mountain bike needs shorts that protect you the most, that's why its length will be lengthened. Effective against the wind, downhill mountain bike shorts are often waterproof to resist splashes. Stretchy and comfortable, these shorts will give you great descents.

- Swimming shorts :

Swimming shorts are most often elegant and trendy to put you in the spotlight on the beach. Versatile, these shorts can be worn in the water, on the beach or in town in the summer. Usable whatever the place, this stocking ensures you an optimal comfort. Its short cut allows an exceptional freedom of movement and its mainly adjustable waist will make you, a girl filled with beauty. Picture offers you bathing shorts more incredible than ever this summer so go for it!

- Fashion shorts :

The shorts are a garment mainly used in summer, when temperatures become warm and the sun shines. You don't want to cover your legs from top to bottom to get a tan, so opt for the Volcom, Columbia or Picture for this summer. Trendy, comfortable and light, the shorts can be worn anywhere and at any time, so why wait?

The short skirt

The short skirt is a skirt-covered short, specially designed for women. Why choose this type of clothing? Quite simply because the cut is purely feminine and will provide you with incredible comfort. While being elegant, sports sessions will be pleasant and effective thanks to a light, stretchy and highly breathable bottom. Some models even have pockets so you can take the essentials with you! Get closer to our skirts/short The North Face that won't compromise your performance.


Specially designed for women, our sports leggings provide you with optimal comfort thanks to various features. Picturepromises an excellent freedom of movement with the use of stretch materials; Prana sport tights ensure comfort as non-existent due to an impressive lightness of the materials selected for its manufacture; Eivy asserts that your leggings will always be dry even if the effort is intense thanks to a quick drying and moisture wicking; Raidlight bets everything on an excellent support. Usable all year round, sports leggings are a must in your wardrobe. These tights will serve you whether the weather is good or bad, hot or cold.

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