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Do you feel like a glacier hike, to discover the ice cascade or a small ski mountaineering trip? So many practices that require specific equipment. The new discipline in vogue, Dry Tooling also requires very specific ice axes and blades.

Indeed, to evolve on a glacier terrain will require you to equip yourself with, among other thingsa good pair of cleats as well as two ice axes. In addition it will be necessary to acquire some useful accessories such as ice screws or first aid kit,

How do I choose my ice axe according to my practice?

The choice of your ice axe is going to depend on your practice in the mountains.

The ice axe is designed to evolve on the different glacier practice areas. Everyone obviously has his or her preferred field. Their versatility allows them to be used in complementary uses, necessarily encountered during mountain outings.

The ice axe very often has a so-called "broken down" head, perfect for cutting steps or cleaning snow. For ice climbing or dry ice climbing, we recommend using a "hammer" head. It is used to plant pitons.

Ice hiking

For a non-technical snow and ice race where you want to use the ice axe like a cane and carve a few steps in hard snow, opt for a straight or slightly curved ice axe that is fairly light with slightly rounded teeth. The right size ? arm outstretched, the point should reach to the ankle.

The flagship models : Swift from Black diamond, Alpina from Camp

Ski mountaineering

Opt for a "light ice axe", made of aluminium or light alloys. It can be used as a spare ice axe. Petzl's light ice picks will be ideal.

Flagship models: Raven by black diamond , Ride by Petzl

Technical mountaineering

For more technical snow or ice races, prefer an "all-terrain mountaineering ice axe". This will allow you to practice all the classic and ice techniques: ice axe ramp, ice axe pick, ice axe anchor, ice pick or traction. A rather heavy and robust ice axe. Its head has very sharp teeth, a thinner blade and a wide purlin. Its handle is slightly curved with a very often adherent and insulating coating on the lower part of the shaft. We recommend a smaller size than that of the hiking ice axe.

Flagship models: Petzl's Sum'Tec, Black Diamond's Viper, Black Diamond's venom.

Ice fall / gully

For those who love ice climbing or steep slopes, you will need a "technical ice axe". This ice axe has a very curved handle that allows for optimal striking, anchoring and deinking. The blades are often interchangeable to adapt to different ice conditions. It is used in pairs. With new blades, you can also use it to practice dry tooling.

The flagship models: Petzl's Nomic, Black diamond's Cobra or Camp's X dream.

How do I choose my crampons according to my practice?

Different criteria are to be taken into consideration in order to select the most suitable studs.

The spikes :

10 or 12 spikes

Apart from a few 10-point crampons, 12 points are the norm in snow and ice terrain.
The 12-point crampon assumes the existence of more technical front points. These crampons are equipped with retaining spikes for descent and vertical spikes.

The Mono point

For ice climbing or dry tooling, there are "mono point" crampons with 10 side points and 1 front point.
The mono point will be much more precise in the plant. It allows a gesture similar to climbing. It splits the ice less with a better penetration of the tooth.

To find all types of studs The Camp crampons brand offers a wide choice of crampons.!

Locking systems :

Strip system The most versatile system, which allows you to fix your studs on all types of shoes.

Automatic system : consisting of a front steel wire and a heel-piece; this system requires shoes with front and rear overhang.

Semi-automatic system : combines the heel of the automatic system and the front part of a strap system. It allows to fix shoes without a front overhang, but with a back overhang.

Here are some recommendations according to your practice:

Glacier hiking: Vasak de Petzl, Black Diamond contact, Stalker de Camp

Ski mountaineering: Petzl's Leopard, Petzl's Irvis, black diamond's neve pro, Camp's skimo

Technical mountaineering: Petzl's Sarken, Salewa's mountaineer, Black diamond's Sabretooth

Ice climbing / gully: Petzl's lynx, Black Diamond's cyborg, Camp's tech mountaineer

The ice kit

In addition to ice axes and crampons, this category also includes ice axes/crampons, which you will need for your glacier trekking, such as ice screws, moon hooks and protection for your ice axes and crampons. These accessories are available at the climbing and mountaineering brand Mammut

Indeed alpinstore offers you a wide selection of ice screws and accessories to store and preserve your equipment. You will indeed find crampon covers, or ice pick covers but also protection for the tip of your ice axes or spare blades for your ice axes.

With Alpinstore, you'll have the right equipment for your climbs!

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