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The stand-up paddle is a sport that has been increasingly practiced in recent years and requires very specific equipment. Indeed, the board is long and heavy for an efficient and high performance boarding. But which board to choose?Alpinstore tells you more about stand-up paddle ...

The ideal board?

Today there are two types of paddle: inflatable board or not. Here we have quality Protest paddles so we're going to focus on inflatable boards.

The dimensions of the board

- The length is an important factor as it defines the handling of your board. The shorter it is, the easier it is to turn. As you will have understood, a long board ensures you comfort and a more fluid and therefore more pleasant glide. Experienced riders will opt for a short board for more responsiveness.

- The 76cmwidth is normally the same on all paddles.

- Thickness is the most important factor since it defines the stiffness and therefore the stability of the board. A thickness of 10cm is perfect for people of light build and a thickness of 15cm is ideal for normal people.

Board shapes

- Surf shape : short so easy to handle, especially in waves.

- Versatile shape: for classic rides on the lake. This is what we offer you here.

- Stroll shape: ideal for long walks.

- Race balade: narrower shape to go faster

- Race: dedicated to racing


If the purchase of your stand up paddle is rather for leisure, it is preferable for you to opt for a single skin board thanks to an interesting quality/price ratio. If you want to use it frequently, it is better to take a double skin board, which will be more stable on the water and will give you better sensations.

Then put on your more beautiful swimsuits and glide over the water with the Paddles on Alpinstore.


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