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A breath of fresh air in the middle of nature: the trail

Trail and running are two disciplines that are similar but are actually quite different.

The trail is indeed a mixture between running and hiking if we image this discipline. The word trail is an English word that can be translated as "trail" or "track". The trail is therefore a running in the more or less steep trails of the mountain, and especially in the wilderness.

Depending on the distances, the type of terrain and the gradients, there are different kinds oftrail: ultra-trail, short distance trail, vertical kilometer, etc.. The preparation of these trailers requires a lot of time and especially a lot of adaptability to be at the top of their performance.

But speaking of performance, nothing is better than a good trail shoe to optimize its training and its races, both light and flexible. Your joints take a lot more shocks on these sometimes rocky trails. So you need trail shoes that hold your ankle properly and stabilize your foot, do not hesitate to go see our low-cost products of the Scott brand

First of all you have to pay attention to the sole, it will be one of the essential elements for the safety of your feet and joints. The soles of these trail shoes are often very adherent because they have specific technologies such as Vibram Megagrip sole recognized as having excellent traction on any trail. These soles are often thicker as well to ensure optimal cushioning. They can be found for example on our selection of theHoka One One brand .

On some trail boots you will find gaiters which are already integrated on some Dynafit models to provide extra comfort by protecting your feet from mud, snow or rain. But even without gaiters, these shoes are equipped with technologies that will keep your feet dry throughout the entire run. In fact, many of them are equipped with technologies that make the shoe waterproof, such as Gore-Tex.

For a good trail, choose the right shoe. Because it is by taking care of your running tool that you will have the best performance. Stability, support and performance will be your key words from now on.

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