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Climbing, an increasingly popular discipline

Since the 1990s, the practice of rock climbing has become more democratic and now has more than 35 million climbers worldwide. Several forms of climbing are practiced in the vertical world. Outdoor or indoor, on different walls of different difficulties, there is therefore equipment dedicated to each practice. Generally speaking, climbing and mountaineering are considered to be risky sports, which therefore require training, knowledge of the terrain and the use of specific and adapted equipment to ensure your safety during your ascents.

What essential equipment do you need for climbing?

First of all, you need climbing shoes adapted to the practice, they have been studied to climb thanks to the rubber sole which allows a good grip on the walls. To choose the right climbing shoes, it is essential to focus on the asymmetry, the rigidity of the climbing shoe, its shape and camber. You will find climbing shoes for the whole family on Alpinstore with several reference brands in the vertical world: Scarpa, La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Millet, ...

When climbing in the mountains, you sometimes need to walk to reach your route. So you need good walking shoes for approach.

Another essential element in your belay, it is important to choose your climbing harness. It is essential to choose your harness according to your morphology, weight, height and level. You will find different models adapted to the morphology of women, men and children.

If you are climbing outdoors and as soon as you reach a certain height, you need a climbing helmet to protect your head from possible projectiles that might fall off during your ascent and in case of a fall.

If you are climbing unsecured indoors or outdoors, it is important to ensure your safety by using crash pads. There are several models of different sizes.

Another element that is useful to all climbers is magnesia, whether liquid or powder, it is indeed the indispensable accessory for climbing practitioners. Magnesia prevents hands from slipping on the holds. Very often, climbers always have it at their disposal in a small bag of chalk, attached to the harness with a carabiner.

Finally, the choice of climbing rope is again important. There are different types of rope The following ropes can be used: single rope, double rope, abseiling rope, dynamic rope... It is necessary to know how to differentiate between climbing ropes and mountaineering ropes which are sometimes confused but are not treated in the same way. A mountaineering rope will have specific treatments to resist water and frost.

You have understood that to climb safely, you need a certain amount of equipment. Find the climbing selection on Alpinstore.

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