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How to choose the right sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is an essential element for trekking, camping or even sleeping under the stars. We will help you choose it by giving you the key points of a good sleeping bag, i.e. the one that corresponds to your needs. At Alpinstore we have of the best sleeping bags for Men, Sleeping bags suitable for women and sleeping bags for the little ones. There are different criteria on which you can base your choice:

The weight of the sleeping bag

First of all, it's important to look at the weight of the sleeping bag. Indeed, if you are going trekking and you have to carry your sleeping bag all day long, it should be as light and compressible as possible. If, on the other hand, you are going on a road trip or camping, you do not carry the sleeping bag, the weight is not a determining criterion for you and you will have to carry the sleeping bag all day long. the comfort and warmth of Rab sleeping bags will be perfect.

However, it should be noted that if you need a sleeping bag to go on a trek with low comfort temperatures, it will necessarily be heavier.

The comfort temperature of the sleeping bag

All sleeping bags have 3 temperatures: comfort, limit and extreme.

- The comfort temperature: it indicates the temperature where the person is comfortable, that he does not feel cold in his sleeping bag.

- The comfort limit temperature: it indicates the temperature at which the person must curl up on himself or herself so that he or she does not feel the cold.

- Extreme temperature: This indicates the temperature at which the person feels the cold in the sleeping bag and is at risk of hypothermia.

It is the comfort temperature that you should look at for your purchase, it is the one that comes closest, as its name indicates, to your comfort and therefore the guarantee of a good night's sleep in the open air. Be careful, if you are rather cold, we recommend a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature a little lower than the temperatures you think you are facing.

When choosing your sleeping bag, especially if you are going trekking, it is important to identify the geographical area of your trek, the altitudes where you will sleep, the season and the weather conditions in order to establish the comfort temperature you need for your sleeping bag. Then you will be able to choose from our Ferrino quality sleeping bags

Sleeping bag lining

The filling of your sleeping bag can also be a factor in your choice. For similar temperatures, a synthetic filling is often heavier and less compressible than down, but it is more resistant to moisture. The synthetic sleeping bag is therefore recommended for sleeping under the stars, for bivouacking in damp areas, or if you know that the area is prone to bad weather. The down sleeping bag is often lighter, compressible, insulating and breathable. On the other hand, if it gets wet, it loses its insulating power, even though some down sleeping bags are treated to resist humidity. It is therefore ideal for anyone who needs a light and warm sleeping bag.

The shape of the sleeping bag

There are 2 kinds of sleeping bag shapes:

- The sarcophagus sleeping bag optimizes the thermal protection by following the shape of your body, it is often lighter and takes up less space. It is this shape that is highly recommended if you go trekking.

- The rectangular sleeping bag or blanket sleeping bag is more comfortable because it gives you more foot space but it offers less thermal protection because there is more air. They are therefore recommended for summer/spring camping.

Some tips for using your sleeping bag

To optimize your comfort and have a good night's restorative sleep, we give you a few recommendations:

- It is preferable not to superimpose layers of clothing inside your sleeping bag, if it is cold a legging and a warm long-sleeved top will suffice.

- If it is cold, protect your extremities by wearing a hat, gloves and socks.

- Good insulation between the floor and the sleeping bag will keep you out of the cold, so it's best to have a mattress.

- If your sleeping bag gets wet, it is important to ventilate it and dry it as quickly as possible.

- To provide a little more comfort and/or warmth, we advise you to also purchase Sleeping bag sheetsThe silk is ideal to optimize the heat.

- To keep the inflation power of a down sleeping bag, we advise you to keep it at home out of its support cover.

- For washing, sleeping bags can normally be machine washed cold, but it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions noted on each sleeping bag.

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