The tent is an essential element to stay in nature

You can enjoy the outdoors, nature, a change of scenery, holidays, the mountains... With your tentyou can sleep outside while having a shelter that protects you not only from bad weather but also from insects... In any season, you decide to bivouac in a tent for several days, to make some campi...

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The tent is an essential element to stay in nature

You can enjoy the outdoors, nature, a change of scenery, holidays, the mountains... With your tentyou can sleep outside while having a shelter that protects you not only from bad weather but also from insects... In any season, you decide to bivouac in a tent for several days, to make some camping tentedYou can choose to sleep in a tent in the wilderness or to sleep in a tent in the trees ... At AlpinstoreYou will find different models of tents such as hiking tents, bivouac tents ... adapted to these different uses.

Whatever the season, we offer you the models of tents impossible to circumvent for this new year. We offer you all-season tents as well as three-season or two-season tents. There is no season and no conditions to go camping so choose quality equipment at Alpinstore.

Find the right tent for your practice at Alpinstore

A light tent for trekking

You decide to go on an adventure whatever the season with your backpack and your light tent canvas in the mountains? After a long hike, the perfect spot for the night is found? it's so exhilarating, trekking gives a real taste of freedom. After installing your bivouac equipment, you have only one thing to look forward to: resting in your tent. To live this beautiful adventure, you have to take into account the weight of the model by opting for a light and robust tent, as proposed by the following brands : Camp, Black Diamond, Vaude, Salewa... The lower the weight of your backpack, the more successful the bivouac will be!

You are going to carry this tent on your back during bivouacs, that's why weight is essential to look at first in your choice of tent model. But be careful, it is also a question of looking at the number of places per tent. Often, the number of people who can sleep in a light tent is 2 to 3 people maximum, so if you want to leave in bivouac to several, you will need several 2-seater tents. Once again, opt for lightweight tent fabrics to minimize the weight of your backpack when you go into the mountains. Your bivouac adventure will be ideal. Then, you will have the choice between several models of tents:

- Dome-shaped tent (also called "igloo tent"): offers you a home with living space. There is plenty of space here for optimum comfort.

- Tunnel tent: provides good wind protection and protects your hiking equipment. Space is not the main criterion when choosing this tent model.

- Tent in geodesic shape: brings you stability while protecting you as well as possible from bad weather.

A wide variety of light tents adapted to your needs are available at Alpinstore! You can choose the one that suits you best for your adventure in mountain or in the nature. With a lot of room or not much room? An all-weather tent or not depending on the conditions? With little weight in your bag? The choice is yours.

A comfortable tent for practical camping

You decide to go to a tent in a campingwith your family or as a duo, by the sea or in the countryside? The change of scenery is always there and it smells like holidays. So you need a little more space and comfort to be able to store all your camping equipment and accommodate the maximum number of people. You could therefore consider offering yourself a model of family tentThe model can accommodate between 5 and 8 people. Ideal for large families such as tents 6 seats Badawi by Vaude, these models will make your night more pleasant than ever, with enough room. Here, weight is not a primary criterion since the tent will not be carried on your back. It is up to you to choose among all our tent models.

A tent in the trees for a new experience

Do you want to spice up your life and your holidays, whatever the season? What if you were to take it to the next level? How about sleeping in a tent in the trees in the middle of the mountains? The brand Tentsile offers models of suspended tents and you will find in these tents, the comfort of hammocks and the necessary protection to protect you from bad weather and insects! Its big advantage is that you can camp everywhere (as long as there are strong enough trees), even if the ground is muddy, wet or covered with stones, you will sleep peacefully in the air, under your tent. Moreover, they are light and very practical to take them in your backpack to your dream spot. Usable in any season with a minimum weight, Alpinstore assures you, it will be an adventure you will remember for a long time! Alone or with several people, there is no problem with Tentsile!

All you have to do is to choose your equipment of camping to live your experience outdoor fully! You will find all the necessary equipment for your bivouac on Alpinstore with a wide choice of tent models. Leave with several people and the tents in the bag and the dream will be bigger.

How to choose the right tent fabric?

The choice of your tent model will initially depend on your use. As you have understood, there are camping tents, hiking tents, expedition tents ... It's up to you to choose a tent that suits your practice.

Secondly, as mentioned above, tents can be used according to the season. Today it is possible to find 4-season tents, i.e. tents that can be used all year round, 3-season tents or 2-season tents. This criterion will therefore depend on the frequency of its use.

After these first two choices, you will have to orient your purchase according to the shape of the tent. As explained above, there are different types of tents: dome tents, tunnel tents or tepee tents. This criterion is in line with your practice and your desires.

It is also important to analyze the tent's capacity and comfort. Indeed, the number of people to be sheltered is essential in the choice of a tent fabric. The living space must therefore be adapted according to the number of people but also according to your wishes: the number of doors, the number of apses, etc...

Weight and space requirements are obviously elements to be taken into account because if the tent is carried on the back when hiking or bivouacking, it is essential to favour the weight. The more compact the tent fabric is, the less space it will take up.

Finally, if you are neither patient nor manual, choose a tent cloth that is easy to set up. The outer hoops are quick to set up but difficult to separate for drying, for example; the inner hoops provide a ventilated shelter but the fabric can get wet.

Whatever the conditions, camping is fun and pleasant if you have quality equipment so go for it!


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