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Bending... Fixation!

The decisive element of a good glide is the snowboard bindings. There are many different types of bindings and at Alpinstore we offer you a choice of bindings for men, women and children. But before you make your choice, let's start by understanding how to choose bindings.

Start by choosing a classic binding or rear entry binding?

The difference is easily understandable considering their names. Classic snowboard bindings are the ones that were designed first. The rear spoiler remains fixed and the two straps, one at the top of the foot and the other at the bottom, will hold your foot. Rear entry bindings, as the name suggests, offer the possibility to enter your foot by sliding it in as easily as skis. Thanks to an extra element at the back of the spoiler, the spoiler can be lowered to make room for your foot. You will no longer need to continually remove and reattach the straps, adjust them and let your boots glide. To make sureyou are securely fastened, don't hesitate and come and discover the specialized Flow bindingsfor this type of product.

How can we talk about snowboarding without talking about flex?

Flex is the same as talking about the stiffness of a snowboard binding. Bindings are therefore classified by a number between 1 and 10. The higher the number, the less flexible the binding is. We recommend using soft flexes for beginners, then depending on the discipline you practice (freeride, freestyle, all moutain), you can choose among our many brands.

Match your bindings to your boots . It will be very important to take into account the size of your b oots to get the right size binding.

At Alpinstore, you will find snowboard bindings but also karakoam or nitrosplitboard bindings. In addition, some bindings are available in our snowboard packs!

Don't delay to equip yourself or complete your snowboard equipment to be ready when the season is about to start!

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