Choose your sunglasses

1. Choose your glasses:

The right size is first for comfort:

Wear your glasses with optimal comfort of use, it is in the first place to choose the right size. Too small glasses will produce a very uncomfortable compression at the temples, or even cause headaches. Glasses that are too big or too wide can slip on your nose and fall. If the glasses are made of plastic or acetates, you can adjust the glasses yourself easily.

We must also take into account the feeling that we have when we wear them: too big glasses as we see very fashionable this year can give the impression that they are bulky or too heavy. Try several models in a shop, even if you intend to buy on the internet, it will give you a more accurate idea of ​​the size and shape that really suits you! ...

How to choose the right size :
For the glasses to be perfectly adjusted (eye size, bridge width, length of the branches), the frame should be as close to the face as possible and should rest properly on the bridge of the nose.

If you have the opportunity to try the glasses: lean forward and turn your head from right to left to make sure they do not fall and that the size is right for you. It sounds stupid like that, but this simple test remains without appeal!

If you can not try them, especially if you buy your glasses on the internet: write down the numbers mentioned by the seller. The more you know about the measurements, the better.

Then compare with any pair of glasses that you have already worn.

Where are the dimensions of the glasses:
All dimensions of glasses are expressed in millimeters and are usually written inside one of the branches or inside the bridge.

Example: you will find the rest of the following numbers: 55-25-140

55 = diameter of the glass   / 25 = spacing between the 2 glasses   /  140 = the length of the branches

2- Choose your sunglasses:

All our glasses are CE marked
All our glasses are UV 100%
Choose polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and durable
The wrap-around glasses offer the best protection because they prevent UV rays from going to the side
Polarized lenses are a plus and avoid glare

In the mountains, choose an excellent protection: the sun is dangerous and particularly on the snow
The snow reflects 85% of ultraviolet rays, the proportion of which increases by 10% at each level of 1,000 meters altitude

Classification of protections:

0 - Clear or slightly tinted glass: Interior / Veiled sky.
1 - Lightly tinted glass: Attenuated solar brightness.
2 - Medium tinted glass: average solar brightness ==> low light
3 - Dark glass: High solar brightness ==> ideal for mountain and ski
4 - Very dark glass: exceptional sunlight / not to wear for driving ==> ideal for high mountains and glaciers 


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