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PETZL SWIFT RL (black) Expand

  • 2020
  • Women's
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Petzl 900 lumen headlamp

Compact, ultra-powerful and rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 900 lumens

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Petzl 900 lumen headlamp

Compact, ultra-powerful and rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 900 lumens

With a power of 900 lumens for only 100 g, SWIFT RL is the most powerful of the Petzl compact lamps. With REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, a sensor evaluates the ambient light and automatically adjusts the lighting power to the user's needs. The headband is reflective to be seen well at night. It is made in two parts to provide excellent support during dynamic and committed activities such as mountaineering, trail running or skiing. Intuitive, SWIFT RL has a single button for easy access to all lamp functions. Rechargeable, it has a five-level gauge which allows you to consult the battery level with precision.


  • Ultra-powerful and light
  • Optimized comfort and autonomy
  • Intuitive and practical use

Technical characteristics :

  • 900 lumens for only 100 g.
  • more autonomy, visual comfort and reduced handling with the REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode: the lighting power and the shape of the beam adapt automatically, thanks to a brightness sensor allowing to optimize the use of the battery ,
  • visual comfort, thanks to the mixed beam providing efficient lighting for outdoor activities: proximity vision, movement and distant vision,
  • comfortable wearing, thanks to the adjustable ergonomic headband, made in two parts (Petzl patent) for optimal support during dynamic activities,
  • reflective strip at the back to be seen at night,
  • 2350 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable via a micro USB type B socket, with charge indicator light.
  • Intuitive and practical use:
  • simplicity of use, thanks to a single button which allows access to all functions: ON / OFF, modes and levels of lighting and locking,
  • two lighting modes to choose from, accessible by a long press: REACTIVE LIGHTING® or STANDARD LIGHTING,
  • LOCK function to avoid inadvertent ignition during transport / storage or lock the lighting configuration during activity,
  • five-level gauge to accurately view the battery level,
  • lamp can be tilted up to see in front of you when worn around the neck,
  • removable and washable headband.
  • Power: 900 lumens (ANSI-FL1 STANDARD)
  • Weight: 100g
  • Beam type: mixed
  • Power supply: rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2350 mAh battery (supplied)
  • Charging time: 6 h
  • Water resistance: IPX4 (weather resistant)
  • Certification (s): CE


Lighting performance according to the ANSI / PLATO FL 1 protocol
Lighting technology Lighting color Lighting levels Amount of light Distance Autonomy Reserve
REACTIVE LIGHTING® White MAX BURN TIME 100 lm 35 m 10 to 50 h 10 lm for 2 h
STANDARD 300 lm 55 m 5 to 40 h 15 lm for 2 h
MAX POWER 900 lm 150 m 2 to 30 h
STANDARD LIGHTING MAX BURN TIME 10 lm 12 m 100 h 10 lm for 2 h
STANDARD 200 lm 55 m 5 a.m. 15 lm for 2 h
  • 2020
  • Women's
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