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Summer is also synonymous with flip-flops.

Flip-flops have existed since the dawn of time. But before that, they were used by men to prevent burning their feet. Today they are the indispensable items of the summer. Barefoot shoes to have everywhere for the beautiful season while letting the feet breathe.

It is impossible and unthinkable to go on holiday without the famous flip-flops. At Alpinstore, we understand this and we offer you men's and women's f lip-flops for the happiness of the whole family. So easy to put on and take off, they will accompany you on your night outings, to go to the beach or the swimming pool, your leisure activities, or simply to hang out...

You will find different materials according to your preferences.

And if you need it, you'll also find recovery sandals, often with a thick sole for maximum comfort and a thermoformable footbed to feel as good as in a slipper! Discover also our selection of hiking sandals.

So now, let's go for the holidays!!!

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