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Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of textiles and accessories for men, summer and winter clothing for women and everything you need. to dress your children for your mountain activities. Whether you're doing skitherock climbings, the hiking or the trekkingyou'll find what you're looking for.

What to choose for the summer?

Whether it is for hiking, trekking or climbing, it is best to have the right clothes and accessories to enjoy the summer. Indeed, if they are not adapted to the situation, they will make you feel uncomfortable and may even, if necessary, cause premature physical fatigue or even discomfort.

At Alpinstore you will find summer jackets, breathable and lightweight upper body clothing for the warm seasons with a wide choice of materials for every use:

- made of synthetic material such as polyester or elastane: preferably with a loose fit, you will have better air circulation which will give you a feeling of freshness. The advantage of this type of textile is that it is very light, durable, affordable and dries quickly. Nevertheless, some people may find this kind of fabric uncomfortable to the skin. In addition, it tends to retain body odour, hence the need for frequent washing.

- made of virgin merino wool: a fabric that is light, breathable and antibacterial at the same time, despite the need for a longer drying time.

- in modal, a natural material created from wood cellulose, which nevertheless remains a technical textile, but a little less durable and heavier.

- in Tencel, a fibre derived from eucalyptus, which has all the advantages of the above-mentioned fabrics, and to our knowledge, without any of the disadvantages.

What to choose for winter and mid-season?

Mid-season and winter clothing will mainly depend on the activity and the environment you are in.

- Softshell clothing: If you are hiking, trekking or climbing. They offer some protection against wind, light rain and abrasion. They can also be fitted with thermal protection.

- Thermal underwear: For much colder conditions, it is preferable to have effective thermal insulation.

- The ski suits : When skiing, it is important that your clothing can protect you from snow, cold and wind, while keeping you dry. Very often, on ski clothing, there are two-digit ratings on the label that express waterproofness and breathability. For waterproofing, the higher the number, the better the fabric performs. It is necessary to have at least 10,000 mm marked on the label to stay dry, and even 20,000 mm minimum if you are freeriding. Breathability must also be high to wick away sweat and avoid catching cold. Thus, an index greater than or equal to 8000 grs is to be taken into account.

Understanding Waterproofing and Breathability

Waterproofness is the ability of a fabric to prevent water penetration. It is measured in millimetres, the water pressure required for the material to begin to let water penetrate.
It is measured in Schmerber (1 Schmerber = 1 water column of 1 mm).
The test: Place the test under a tube (column) filled with water, then calculate from how high the first drops of water pass through the fabric. The greater the height of water, the more waterproof the fabric will be..

Breathability is the ability of a fabric to evacuate water vapour. A fabric that guarantees good breathability limits condensation of water vapour inside the garment. It therefore facilitates the evacuation of perspiration and keeps the body dry.

There are two measures of breathability:

- RET (Resistance - Evaporation - Transmission)

This coefficient determines the resistance of a textile to the evacuation of moisture from the body. The lower the resistance, the better the moisture wicking (according to the "skin model" ISO 11092). The RET coefficient is expressed in Pa x m²/W:
RET less than 6: highly breathable
RETbetween 6 and 12: breathable
RETbetween 12 and 20: poorly breathable
RETabove 20: non-breathable
This index is mainly used by American brands, including Goretex.

- MVTR measurement (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate)

We calculate the amount of water (in the form of steam) that the fabric lets through in 24 hours. The higher the degree, the more favourable the breathability.
The MVTR is expressed in gr /m2 / 24 h:
MVTR30 000 = extremely breathable garment
MVTR20 000 = garment with very good breathability
MVTR10 000 = breathable garment
MVTR5 000 = garment with low breathability

This index is used by most French brands.

What is the multi-layer system?

Multi-layer system, otherwise known as the onion principle, consists of wearing several thin layers on top of each other. Each layer having its function. The first layer is made of breathable material (so no cotton), the second layer is insulating and breathable, the third layer is waterproof and breathable. An effective system for sports activities. Simply put on or take off a layer according to the weather and the feeling of warmth.

- The first layer: a functional undergarment (Baselayer) made of synthetic (polyester) or natural material (merino, modal, tencel...) Its role is to transfer moisture to the outside.

Alpinstore offers different brands of first layer clothing known for the quality of their material such as Odlo baselayers, Icebreaker, Smartwool, ...

- The second layer or midlayer: here we find insulation layers such as fleece or jackets. Both are available in natural or synthetic versions, with or without sleeves, but also with or without a hood. Fleece has the advantage of being more breathable than down. As far as warmth is concerned, depending on your sensitivity to the cold, you can choose between different weights. It provides thermal insulation in cold weather or offers protection against the elements in mild weather and thus forms the third layer.

- The outer layer or third layer: This is used for weather protection and is usually made of softshell, hardshell or windproof fleece. Softshell is breathable and water-resistant, while hard shells are waterproof and slightly less breathable.

We thus offer high quality products such as the top-of-the-range Patagonia products, the quality of the futurlight technology of the North Face and many other brands such as Millet, Rab, Mammut, columbia, karpos, helly hansen, haglof....

The way you dress depends on the type of practice you want to do, but also on the season, that's why we offer a choice of accessories for all practices. Gloves, hats, caps, hats and socks are among the accessories that are important for outdoor adventures as well as ski outings.

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