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If you simply want to have a hobby or go for a walk in the wilderness, this technique is for you. Originally, it was intended for simple travel and hunting. Over time, it has developed into the most popular cross-country skiing technique in the world.

Similar to walking, it consists of moving forward with two parallel tracks using arm and leg movements, but in a more amplified way to obtain a good glide. The cross-country skier advances with the help of his sticks, leaning one foot on the other. You can either opt for the stroll mode, ideal to practice with family or friends, or the intensive mode, more technical, for the most daring.

Buying Nordic skis means choosing between skis with curved tips, with an anti-recoil system, scales or grip wax

How to choose your classic cross-country skis?

It is imperative to choose the right size of skis for more comfort.

In classic cross-country skiing, the important criteria to take into account when choosing skis are: your technical level, your physical condition, your size (height and weight) and your experience. You need to be about 20 cm taller than your usual height for classic skiing.

If you are between two sizes, know that a longer ski will provide better glide, but will be a little less manageable. For the first year, it is preferable not to choose them too big. The size can also vary depending on the weight. Longer skis will be necessary for a heavier person. The hardness of the skis is also an element not to be taken lightly. It is wise to choose a softer ski with scales for a beginner. Why should you do this? Because waxing skis (without scales) requires a good knowledge of waxing and to have the right equipment.

Whether you are looking for classic or skating skis, Alpinstore offers the best Fischer skis, the Rossignol brand but also SkiTrabcross-country skis.

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