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Ski touring jackets: comfort and protection against the elements

The ski touring jacket is an essential piece of equipment, offering protection from the elements while allowing great freedom of movement and efficient regulation of body temperature. Whether you're an experienced ski tourer or a beginner, choosing the right jacket is crucial to ensuring comfort and safety during your mountain adventures. Here's a guide to help you select the right ski touring jacket for your needs.

Features of ski touring jackets: Insulation and breathability

When buying a ski touring jacket, there are several key features to consider to ensure optimum performance:

  • Thermal insulation: A good ski touring jacket should offer adequate insulation to protect you from the cold, while being breathable to prevent overheating. Jackets with synthetic insulation such as Primaloft or Polartec are lightweight and perform well even in wet weather.
  • Waterproof and windproof: The jacket should be made from waterproof materials to protect you from snow and moisture. A membrane like Gore-Tex is ideal for its waterproofing and breathability. Waterproof seams and water-resistant zippers are also essential.
  • Breathability: Good breathability is crucial for wicking away perspiration and maintaining comfort during exercise. Jackets with underarm vents or ventilation zips offer better temperature management.
  • Lightweight and compressible: For hikes where every gram counts, opt for a lightweight, compressible jacket that's easy to pack in your backpack.
  • Cut and fit: The jacket should offer a snug yet comfortable fit, allowing great freedom of movement. Models with adjustable cuffs, waist and hood offer a personalized fit.
  • Additional features: Look for jackets with zipped pockets for secure storage, helmet-compatible hoods and snow skirts to keep snow out.

Types of ski touring jackets: Choose according to your needs

  • Hardshell jackets: Designed to offer maximum protection against the elements, these jackets are waterproof, windproof and highly resistant. They are ideal for tough conditions in the high mountains.
  • Softshell jackets: These jackets offer good wind protection and excellent breathability, while being more flexible and comfortable than hardshells. They're perfect for milder conditions and intense exertion.
  • Insulated jackets: Worn as a mid-layer or outer layer, these jackets offer additional thermal insulation. They can be down or synthetic, depending on weather conditions and personal preferences.

Recommended brands: Quality and innovation

Several brands are renowned for their high-quality ski touring jackets, offering solutions for all levels of skiers and different mountain conditions:

  • Arc'teryx: Renowned for its technical and durable products, Arc'teryx offers jackets like the Beta AR and Alpha SV, ideal for extreme conditions.
  • Patagonia: Known for its environmental commitment and quality products, Patagonia offers jackets like the Triolet and Dual Aspect, perfect for ski touring.
  • Salomon: A specialist in ski equipment, Salomon offers versatile jackets such as the S/LAB X Alp and the Outpeak, offering a good balance between protection and lightness.
  • Mammut: A Swiss brand renowned for its mountain clothing, Mammut offers jackets like the Nordwand and Crater, designed for tough alpine conditions.
  • The North Face: Well-known for its outdoor gear, The North Face offers jackets like the Summit L5 and Brigandine, offering excellent protection and durability.

Price and accessibility: finding the best deal

Ski touring jackets vary in price according to brand, materials and features:

  • Entry-level: For limited budgets, brands like Salomon and Patagonia offer affordable jackets starting at 150 euros.
  • Mid-range: Jackets offering good value for money, such as those from Mammut and The North Face, are generally priced between 250 and 400 euros.
  • High-end: For those looking for cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, jackets from brands such as Arc'teryx and Patagonia can cost between 400 and 600 euros, or even more.

Choosing the right ski touring jacket is essential to ensure comfort, warmth and protection during your mountain adventures. By taking into account insulation, waterproofing, breathability and additional features, you can find the ideal jacket for your specific needs. Well-known brands such as Arc'teryx, Patagonia and Salomon offer a wide range of jackets to suit all budgets and conditions. Investing in a good ski touring jacket will enable you to make the most of your outings in the mountains, in complete safety and optimum comfort.

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