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How to choose the right sweater?


Quality is of paramount importance when it comes to choosing a sweatshirt, for two essential reasons. Firstly, a low-quality material is likely to make your sweatshirt look cheap. However, the most crucial aspect is the durability of the garment, which is reflected in both the choice of materials used and the quality of the finish.

Opting for a quality sweatshirt ensures that your garment will stand the test of time, preserving its appearance and performance even after many washes and uses. So it's a good idea to invest in a high-quality sweatshirt, guaranteeing longevity and long-term satisfaction.

The quality of a sweatshirt is also reflected in its clean, even seams. It's essential to check that the seams are carefully made, both on the outside and inside of the garment, especially at the rib edges, main seams and pockets.

In addition, the sweatshirt material should be relatively thick, dense and elastic. This guarantees both the garment's robustness and optimal comfort when worn. High-quality material also contributes to tear and wear resistance, enabling the sweatshirt to maintain its appearance and performance over time.

The material

Natural materials, such as cotton, are still preferred because of their reputation for being healthier for the body. Cotton requires fewer chemical treatments and artificial components, making it a preferred choice, even more so when it's organic.

When it comes to cotton knitwear, jersey is the most widespread, offering a smooth, classic texture. Fleece, on the other hand, offers the ultimate in softness. Honeycomb knitting creates a textured texture and great stretch, while waffle knitting offers a more pronounced, pronounced texture. Each type of knitting has distinct characteristics and can be chosen according to individual preferences in terms of texture and comfort.

Polyester is often incorporated in varying proportions in the composition of sweaters. It is appreciated for its elasticity, providing a stretchy feel and preventing the formation of pilling on the garment. What's more, polyester has a slight water-repellent property, which means it can offer a certain resistance to water, depending on its proportion in the sweater's material mix. This makes it relatively waterproof.

Velvet and fleece, meanwhile, are very popular synthetic textiles of late. They are appreciated by those sensitive to the cold for their insulating properties and affordability.

The cut

A well-tailored sweatshirt is crucial to your appearance. In general, sweatshirts are worn snugly while maintaining a casual look. It's essential to be careful with loose-fitting pieces that could give the impression of pyjamas.

Sweatshirt sleeves should have an ideal length, stopping between the wrist and the top of the thumb. The cut-out areas at the shoulders should offer a comfortable fit without being too narrow, and the ribbing at the ends of the garment and at the neckline should be particularly stretchy, allowing great freedom of movement.


It's vital to consider your size when buying a sweatshirt. Obviously, sizes S and L will not have the same effect on your figure. Whether you prefer to wear it loose or fitted, the sweatshirt offers different styling options, more or less elaborate. Your measurements therefore play an essential role in choosing the sweatshirt that best suits your body type. Take into account measurements such as chest, bust and arm length, so you can compare them with a conversion chart and select the ideal size.
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