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How to choose the right t-shirt?

Here are the 5 commandments to follow when choosing the right t-shirt, because even though this fashion staple may seem simple, don't underestimate its importance if you're a fashionista:
  1. The right fit: Make sure the t-shirt hugs your figure and shows off your best features. It shouldn't be too tight or too loose, but just the right size for a flattering look.

  2. Fabric quality: Choose a t-shirt made from quality fabric. Natural materials such as cotton or linen are generally appreciated for their softness and breathability. Also check fabric density to avoid transparency and ensure durability.

  3. Style and details: basic T-shirts can be embellished with various details such as collars, necklines, sleeves, patterns or prints. Choose a style that suits your personal taste and style, while taking current trends into account.

  4. Versatility: Opt for a t-shirt that can be easily combined with different outfits and styles. A versatile t-shirt will enable you to create a multitude of looks for different occasions and seasons.

  5. Color and pattern: Choose colors that make you stand out and complement your wardrobe. Plain T-shirts are often easier to match, but don't hesitate to add patterns or prints to bring a touch of originality to your outfits.

By following these guidelines, you'll be sure to choose T-shirts that match your aesthetic preferences and make you look your best.

The T-shirt collar

When it comes to choosing a T-shirt, the first element to consider is the collar. The choice of collar often depends on personal preference, current trends and body shape. Women with a generous bust may prefer a V-neck, which tends to flatter the figure. For those with a slimmer bust, a round collar can add a touch of femininity, softening the more androgynous lines. Oval collars are not very fashionable at the moment, the trend being for collars closer to the throat. Ultimately, the choice of collar will depend on your personal style and what makes you look your best.


Although crop tops are all the rage at the moment, it's important not to be a slave to trends. When it comes to basics, it's best to choose a cut that suits you and keep it as a reference. The T-shirt that suits everyone is the one that reaches right up to the hips. If it's shorter, it's perfect for flat tummies, those who like high waists and those with short legs, as it gives the illusion of length. However, it's important not to wear a t-shirt that's too long, as this can pack down the silhouette. For those who prefer a more urban look, long, straight t-shirts are also very trendy, but it's essential to match them well with other pieces for a harmonious result.


For a flattering look, three-quarter sleeves are an excellent choice. They're both feminine and enhance every body type. They add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Short sleeves are better suited to slim arms. If you have more muscular arms, don't try to hide them. On the contrary, dare to wear tank tops that show them off to their best advantage. As for long sleeves, they tend to give a more masculine look to the silhouette. It's best to use them sparingly and opt for flowing T-shirts for a harmonious balance.

Its size

Choosing the right size for your t-shirt depends not only on your morphology, but also on your personal style. Traditionally, a t-shirt is worn close to the body without being too tight, to avoid underwear showing through. However, current trends favor looser, androgynous cuts that are better suited to slim silhouettes. If you have a curvy build, it's best not to hide behind baggy, shapeless clothes. Instead, opt for a well-fitting t-shirt that can be tucked into high-waisted pants to enhance your curves.

Its color

A white t-shirt and a black t-shirt are essential to a well-constructed wardrobe. In addition to these two basics, we recommend a third t-shirt in a neutral shade, such as navy, khaki, beige or gray. Choose a color that best complements your daily outfits.

In terms of material, cotton remains the benchmark fabric for t-shirts.
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