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By definition, a slipper is a shoe that can be put on from the top, or from the back. This major difference marks the contrast between chalet boots and climbing boots in particular. At Alpinstore you will find a wide range of slippers or booties. Whether for the chalet by the fire or in a hut after a good hike or at the foot of a route! We offer models for everyone: men, women and children.


To keep your feet warm at home, in a mountain refuge, camping or in a hotel, choose a comfortable pair of slippers! Depending on your use, you will not choose the same slippers at all!

Do you want to wear your booties indoors , in a place with little or no heating? Opt for the so-called chalet slippers. Chalet slippers are similar to Charentaises. Cozy and comfortable shoes, made of wool or lined with fleece, that will keep your feet warm. Discover our selection of slippers at all the prices of the Sorel brand.

Gone on an expedition, it's too cold to stay in socks under the tent? Get a pair of down expedition booties. Expedition b ooties do not have real soles, so they are entirely dedicated to indoor use in tents. Expedition booties look like big down socks.

Outdoors, it is sometimes difficult to keep your feet warm. However, this heat is important in order to continue the adventure in good circumstances. To be efficient, campers and trekking enthusiasts are used to travel with their slippers or slippers on. Contrary to the classic models you are used to wearing at home, outdoor shoes and slippers are more resistant, lighter and better adapted to harsh weather conditions. Apart from keeping you warm, the cut, design and materials have been studied to provide a real feeling of well-being after the effort. Slippers or slippers are chosen according to your size, no more and no less, so that comfort is always there. Do not hesitate to discover our warm booties from The North Face brand.

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