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Black Friday becomes White Days on Alpinstore... This year we are all impacted by covid-19. This virus is upsetting our habits, our daily pleasures, our projects, our lives in general... In this period, solidarity must more than ever be the key word, especially to best support our health services, which have been so much in demand for several... More details
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white days : le black friday version Alpinstore

Black Friday becomes White Days on Alpinstore...

This year we are all impacted by covid-19. This virus is upsetting our habits, our daily pleasures, our projects, our lives in general... In this period, solidarity must more than ever be the key word, especially to best support our health services, which have been so much in demand for several months now.

As a digital player, we are luckier than the majority of traditional retailers because we remain open and able to meet our customers' expectations.

Nevertheless, our company is also weakened by the current confinement in France and Europe. It is therefore vital for us to participate in the worldwide Black Friday movement by offering additional discounts expected by consumers around the world.

In this particular context, we at Alpinstore have decided to replace Black Friday with White Days. A solidarity operation on our scale in partnership with you, our customers!

The idea is very simple. You benefit from particularly attractive prices to treat yourself and equip yourself for this winter, and you convert part of the savings made by offering a gift voucher of 10, 20 or 50€ to hospital care staff.

For our part, we are committed to increasing the value of the gift vouchers purchased by 30%, thus enabling these families to offer additional gifts for Christmas.

Let's give hospitals gift vouchers together!

White Days is still the place to be for bargains....

Black Friday, Friday? Yes, Black Friday 2020 this year is November 27th at Alpinstore. It's the time to take advantage of the best offers before the long distance sales in January to equip yourself for your next ski holidays. With the various price reductions it's time to get properly equipped for the coming winter season. You will find these discounts and deals on a wide range of products: accessories, ski helmets, boots, textile, skis for men, women and children, for all winter sports and for different activities such as Nordic skiing, ski touring, alpine skiing, snowboarding... Discounted prices for everyone's enjoyment!

Friday Nordic skiing and ski touring

These disciplines, which are increasingly practised, require knowledge but also, and above all, equipment. The essential equipment to conquer the mountains both in cross-country ski than by ski touring your sticksyour shoes/boots and your skis compounds of the bare skis and their fasteners. And for ski touring, don't forget your bindings. seal skins to stick under your skis. At Alpinstore you will find skins in mohair for those who prefer sliding to hanging for the more expert levels. They are also available in nylon, generally recommended for beginners, and also for those who are combination skins for occasional to regular skiers. You will choose your equipment from our wide range of brands between Dynastar, Black Crows, Dynafit, Fischer, K2, Faction, Nightingale, and many others.

Friday skiing

This winter sports discipline has more than one follower and it's no secret: downhill skiing, freeride, snowpark, there's something for all tastes and all ages! But whether you're a beginner or an expert rider, you must also choose all your ski equipment: its ski bootsits sticksits skis and its fasteners. The wide range of Alpinstore will allow you to make your choice among all the brands such as than Nightingale, Dynastar, Black Crows Fischer, Scott, Völkl..., etc. It's time to put your shoes back on, choose your packand find the best equipment at the best price during the black friday 2019 at Alpinstore.

Snowboard Friday

We see her approaching this snow, and we say to ourselves "Soon I'll get back on my board and hit the slopes! ». Snowboarding gives you a whole new feeling and it's always this sliding pleasure. But have you thought about discovering the cross-country snowboardingalso known as splitboard ? For lovers of their board and winter walksyou will be able to split your board in two in order to climb the peaks. This winter the choice of snowboards, bindings and boots is vast among our brands between Nitro, Burton, Jones, Nidecker, Rossignol, K2, etc. On Black Friday, it's the perfect time to stock up on equipment before the season!

And don't forget that at Alpinstore you have the possibility to compose your own packages: ski, cross-country ski , ski touring, snowboard ! Our team will then assemble them for you to be ready to use!

Friday ski clothing

For all winter sports activities, there is nothing better than staying dry and warm by choosing the right products. ski jackets and ski pants. On the AlpinStore website you will find all the ranges for men, women and children, but also for all budgets, from the simplest to the most complex. to the most technical, for amateurs or experts. Whether it's at Planks, Helly Hansen, Protest, The North Face Rab, Millet, Picture Organic Clothing, and many others.

Safe Friday

The mountain is more than a passion, but it remains the master of nature and your security is not to be overlooked. For the more seasoned and adventurous, a airbag is part of the safety equipment to have. In addition, to be prepared for all situations you will need in your backpack, a DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector) at each exit, from your shovel and finally froma probe to locate a victim with a beacon during a avalanche. And even if you never want to use all this equipment, you still have to have it to save lives and you will have enough to equip yourself with. Mammut, Ortovox, Pieps, Camp, Arva on Alpinstore.

Friday shoes

The day is over, before eating a good hot mountain dish (fondue and raclette for the most greedy) we drop off our ski equipment, take off our shoes and quickly put on our après-ski pair! To stay warm and dry we choose among Sorel, Kimberfeel, UGG, Helly Hansen, Columbia, Eagle.

And for the most daring, whether at night or during the day, you can put on your mountaineering shoes to climb the mountain to the top, to discover the exceptional landscapes that the view from above reserves for you. Discover these ultra technical shoes among our brands Scarpa, Dolomite, Asolo, La Sportiva, Lowa Salewa.


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