At Alpinstore we want to be committed to defending the true nature. We want to practise our sport, to travel the mountain through different disciplines but not to damage anything, to contribute and act to leave a positive imprint.

This is why it seemed natural to us to offer you a selection of eco-friendly products. That is to say a product that generates the minimum impact on the environment throughout its life cycle.

There is no official definition or standard to decide whether a product is eco-friendly or not. On the other hand, it can be demonstrated whether a product has a lesser impact on the environment throughout its life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials, to its manufacture, its transport, its use and finally its end of life.

The ideal ecological product is one that can be manufactured with renewable resources (which grow back), locally (without transport), without grey energy (the energy needed to manufacture it), without polluting the air, water or soil, whose daily use does not harm the environment and whose end of life would also be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it does not exist.

Nevertheless, today we are seeing the evolution of our partner brands, which are multiplying their efforts to offer you products that are as efficient as ever, but which increasingly take into account respect for nature and our obligations towards future generations.

Our eco-friendly selection is therefore totally subjective but it fully reflects our aspirations, the search for a product in line with our values.

Eco-friendly initiatives


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