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In 1930, the three brothers Alfred, Victor and Gabriel Lafuma created the eponymous brand in their small workshop Anneyron in the Drôme. With the invention of the metal frame, they revolutionize the backpack. Over the years, the Lafuma brothers diversify their skills and create camping furniture, textiles and shoes. Today based in Annecy, the team revisits the collections, retaining the know-how that has made the international reputation of the brand.


The mountain was Lafuma's first playground and the History of Mountaineering tells of his pioneering knowledge of equipment. In 1953, his famous "Tyrolean" bag climbed Everest on the back of Sherpa Tensing. This 39-year-old Nepalese is the first man with Edmund Hillary to climb and reach this mythical summit by the Tibetan north face. On the technical side, experienced alpinists also accompanied Lafuma in its developments. If only one of them should be mentioned, Gaston Rebuffat, figurehead of French mountaineering, has long been Lafuma's privileged technical advisor. Today, Lafuma thinks its collections for extraordinary and ordinary adventures. To each his Everest.


Sustainable development is part of Lafuma's genes. Reducing our impact and contributing to the protection of the environment have always been our priorities. Since its creation, Lafuma has been bringing together nature enthusiasts who want to give their children a world to explore. Today, more than ever, it is the guideline of all our actions. At the beginning of the 90s, Lafuma wondered about its role in protecting the environment. An eco-responsible vision transformed into acts. On the field side, Lafuma becomes a partner of France Nature Environnement in 1992 and WWF in 2000. And on the product side, Lafuma develops its first recycled cotton bag in 1993 Today, 80% of the collection is eco-designed. These products are identified by our Low Impact ™ label, certifying their traceability and eco-design. Lafuma is also a committed community on the ground. Once a year, for more than 10 years, Lafuma has been bringing together its community in Chamonix and organizing the Responsible Mountain operation, an awareness day to reduce our impact in the mountains and in the city. In 10 years, more than 28 tons of waste have been removed in the mountains

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