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TSL: part of the history of snowshoeing

The TSL brand was created in 1981 in the Alps and more precisely in Thônes. Specialized in the manufacture and sale of snowshoes, TSL is today one of the main actors on the market concerning this range of products.

At the time, the snowshoe was an ingenious tool for traveling but also widely used for hunting. Manufactured to distribute the weight of the body on the snow, the snowshoe gradually became a leisure activity.

That's when TSL came into play by producing the first plastic rackets. As the years go by, research & development develops within the company. In the 90's, TSL snowshoes are improved in terms of technicality since they come with an articulated binding for maximum comfort. Following these great evolutions, TSL is incredibly successful and sells today, the most sold snowshoe model in the world.

To go further in its thinking, the brand is shaking up the codes and offers the first model of a future generation of snowshoes, with incomparable assets. Indeed, the model Symbiose adapts perfectly to any terrain thanks to advanced technologies, so that the hiker can find his natural step.

Made in France

TSL is a French brand, based in the heart of the Alps. Concerned about sustainable development since its creation, the company manufactures all its snowshoe models in France. From the plastic injection to its final packaging, production is totally controlled in the country.

These products are eco-designed to minimize environmental impact. For example, all the sites operate with 100% renewable electricity and the straps of the snowshoes are made of recycled polyester.

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