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A story started in the French Alps

Hoka One One or "gliding on Earth" in Maori, is a brand specialising in trail and running shoes created in 2009 in Annecy by two former Salomon employees. Bought by the American group Deckers in 2013, the Hoka One One shoe has revolutionised the market with its thick sole and curved shape that allows the foot to be propelled better. It offers better cushioning, while remaining lightweight.

Products are classified in 3 categories: Glide, Fly & Sky

Glide shoes offer the best in terms of fluidity and suppleness of stride. Based on the main original Hoka One One shoes with maximum cushioning for a minimum weight, this category ensures a soft cushioning at all paces. The GLIDE collection includes universal and stable models, for lasting comfort whatever the shoe chosen. These shoes guarantee ease of stride from toe to toe and are ideal for everyday running.

The models:

The Fly range represents a true pinnacle of velocity and dynamism, it continues to push the limits of lightness and damping. These models are ready to follow you everywhere, from speed sessions to competitions, from the gym to your everyday life. The FLY collection includes models for the gym and the road, so you can benefit from cushioning and propulsion adapted to all activities. Inspired by the light sensation experienced when breaking free from the laws of gravity, the shoes provide generous cushioning on the road, on the treadmill or during a fitness class. The collection knows no limits.

The models :

The SKY models represent a category of revolutionary mountain boots, ready for trail and paths. Taking the opposite approach to lightweight hiking boots, trail boots and all-terrain boots, this category will make you touch the sky. These models offer such a level of cushioning, grip and support that you can traverse the most challenging landscapes at any pace, regardless of distance or altitude. SKY shoes take you to the top.

The models :

Hoka technologies:

Cushioned midsole The lightweight midsole with cushioning absorbs shocks, is comfortable and supports the foot. Hoka's policy is to make running easier for everyone, from the ultra marathon runner to the everyday athlete. Everyone enjoys more ease.

Advantages :

  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Optimal comfort
  • High-performance racing over all distances

Curved sole profile under the metatarsals: The geometry of the curved sole profile under the metatarsals, similar to a wheel for the feet, drives the runner forward and reduces the height differential between heel and toe to complete the natural gait cycle.

Advantages :

  • Promotes the natural stride of the runner
  • Smooth and efficient flow from initial impact to impulse
  • Designed to improve racing efficiency

Active Footframe Midsole: The Active Footframe midsole wraps the heel and foot deeply and guides the foot without the need for reinforcements or other means of encircling the foot. Similar to the bucket seat wrapping race cars, the shoe version wraps the foot.

Advantages :

  • Built-in stability in the shoe
  • Flexibility for a wide range of running styles and foot types.
  • A comfortable alternative to the usual support system

J-FRAME TM J-FRAME TM technology uses the functionality of the bucket seat and reinforces the support on the medial side, i.e. the side of the foot's pronation movement, with firmer foam to the front of the shoe. This "J" uses lateral reinforcements on the side of the heel, ensuring support and protection of the foot while guiding, without heavy and rigid materials.

Advantages :

  • Designed to balance the overpronation
  • Guides the foot without the use of rigid or limited-tolerance materials
  • Promotes stability while ensuring a light and cushioned stride.

PROFLY TM Midsole: Dual density midsole combining softer foam at the heel to cushion the landing and high density foam at the metatarsal to improve propulsion. The midsole provides a smooth landing and dynamic propulsion.

Advantages :

  • Softer cushioning for heel protection
  • A more dynamic damping for the propulsion at the meta
  • A fast and comfortable stride

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