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JULBO: the history of mountaineering

Julbo was created in 1888 by Jule Baud with innovation as a guiding thread. Based in the Jura basin, the brand presents itself from its beginnings with the main lines of the solar market, in particular with side protections. As early as the 1900s, the brand's primary goal was to protect the eyes of mountain professionals and this specificity made its reputation.

Every year, Julbo extends its expertise by offering sunglasses, masks or helmets to meet all needs. Whether for skiing, sports or for your city walks, the Julbo ranges promise to live up to your expectations. All lenses, whether ski goggles or sunglasses, are technical, for optimal protection.

By offering sunglasses for endurance sports, high mountain or lifestyle, Julbo is today one of the biggest sunglasses brands. Men, women, children, you will find everything you need.

The photochromic lenses are valued by the brand.

Julbo is constantly innovating to accompany your daily life and/or your sports activities. To do so, the brand presents pairs of sunglasses and lenses, adapted to all sports. In addition, it offers a wide choice of ski goggles, whatever your face size.

But to optimize the protection of your eyes whether on the slopes or in town, Julbo uses very often, photochromic technology. This strong technology, Reactiv Photochomic, allows you to have a sharp and precise vision whatever the weather conditions. Designed for people engaged on all terrains in all conditions, the technology instantly adapts the lenses to the luminosity for ultra-precise vision.

Lenses with this technology are manufactured by casting, which allows for a very advanced performance on all technical criteria: the speed of reactivity, the amplitude of the photochromic range, the color of the lenses, the efficiency of the polarizing filter and the specific coatings.

Our Julbo selection

Alpinstore specialising in the sale of outdoor products, invites you to discover its selection. Here, we offer you mainly ski equipment with ski helmets and goggles but Julbo also offers you a wide choice of shadeswhether it's winter or summer.

Ideal for enjoying yourself on the slopes and/or off-piste, the Julbo range seems perfect for you. Go for it!

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