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Find our entire range of running and trail shoes from Veets, a brand with strong values, committed to the environment and the development of made in France.


The Veets brand finds its origins in the hands of Steve Brunier, a high level triathlete who wanted to try a crazy bet: to create a brand of running shoes designed for the comfort of runners but also with an eye turned towards the future of our planet. This desire can be summed up in two aspects, manufacturing in France and the use of eco-responsible materials.
It is thus after 8 years of selling shoes made in china that Steve Brunier launches in 2016 the brand Veets. From its creation, the brand innovates and offers soles with a particular geometry to promote a more natural running posture for the runner. From 2020, the brand ends up offering its shoes totally made in France. These shoes are equipped with the sole designed by Steve but also with Ecoveets, an eco-responsible fabric made from recycled plastic bottles to make the mesh of the shoe.
In 2020, Veets will also join the running socks brand BV Sport in order to continue its development and benefit from the strengths of the French brand that has been established in the running world for over 20 years. The combination of the two brands allows Veets to benefit from research centers, engineers, stylists, marketing teams and 2,500 sales outlets in France and abroad.


As mentioned above, Veets specializes in the design and manufacture of running shoes and therefore offers models for trail running and others for running.
For these two practices, the shoes have the same technologies. The first notable technology is theInstinctech, the sole created by the brand. Designed from three strategic points (heel, arch and forefoot), the shoes encourage runners to move their center of gravity forward and thus reduce the risk of injuries, particularly to the ankles and knees, caused by shock waves from contact between the heel and the ground.
The brand also offers other technologies that are equipped on all their pairs such as the VMC technology which guarantees a comfortable and soft footwear thanks to a memory foam heel cup and a cushioned tongue with elastic support.


Since the beginning of the Veets project, the plan was clear: to offer shoes made in France that are also eco-responsible.

The brand has therefore opted for made in France in order to reduce its carbon impact, particularly in terms of importing products, unlike products that are made in China, for example. In addition, the Veets brand has developed the EcoVeets fabric, a fabric that makes up the mesh of the shoes and is made from recycled plastic bottles.

This creation not only recycles plastic but also makes the shoes recyclable.
The brand is also committed to the protection of nature and has therefore launched the Api-reuneurs project, which aims to develop local initiatives in a sustainable way and to preserve the environment. Each pair of shoes sold helps finance green projects such as tree planting or beehive sponsorship.

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