MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier

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State-of-the-art virus protection with a simple, high-volume gravity system. More details

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State-of-the-art virus protection with a simple, high-volume gravity system.

Based on the advanced technology of the standard Guardian Purifier, its gravity-fed cousin allows you to get drinking water anywhere in the world, whether it's in your own backcountry or far away in a remote village. Hang it up and let it work while you go about your business at the hostel, base camp or campsite. Its 10-liter tank can meet the daily water needs of several people. Originally designed to protect military personnel in the field, this rugged purifier stands up to abuse while traveling and meets the NSF P248 military testing standard.


  • Advanced Virus Protection: complies with the NSF P248 protocol used by the U.S. military regarding the removal of viruses (99.99%), bacteria (99.9999%), protozoa (99.99%), as well as sediment and plastic microparticles from the most unsanitary water.
  • Better taste: the two-stage purification system includes an activated carbon filter to reduce chemical content and unpleasant odours and tastes.
  • Easy to fill: The 10 l tank is easy to fill, either from a tap or from a river. It covers all daily needs for drinking, cooking and hygiene.
  • Easy to clean: no need to backwash: just open the drain hose to clean the system and restore the flow.
  • High flow rate: Our state-of-the-art cartridge is the basis for a fast and effective virus fighting system. You can purify up to 1 liter in 2 minutes.
    • Designed for travel: Rugged and military-grade construction. Small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage or small backpack.

Complies with EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) standards and protocols for testing microbiological purifiers.

Made in the USA from American and imported materials.

Technical Specifications:

  • Color: Gray
  • Weight (metric): 0.53 kg
  • Width (metric): 10 cm
  • Length (metric) : 30 cm
  • Height (metric) : 10 cm
  • Effective against bacteria : Yes
  • Effective against chemicals/toxins : No
  • Effective against particles : Yes
  • Effective against protozoa : Yes
  • Effective against viruses : Yes
  • Filter media : Advanced hollow fiber
  • Filter pore size (microns) : 0.02
  • Flow rate (L/min): 0.5 liter per minute
  • Cartridge Life: 3,000+ liters
  • Field cleanable: Yes
  • Field serviceable: Yes
  • Water bottle adapter: Yes
  • Cartridge replacement indicator: Yes
  • Material(s): UF hollow fiber, ABS


Expert advice


The MSR Guardian Water Filter is a high-performance, easy-to-use and reliable pump purifier that removes bacteria, viruses, protozoa and dirt. With it, you don't need chemicals to treat your water and you can drink it immediately and without taste. From now on, the Guardian will accompany me on all my wilderness treks.

Positive points :
Ease of use
Fast flow
Drinkable water immediately
Taste of the water not denatured
Can be used for a gourd, for a popote or any other container
Product life span
Clear French instructions

Negative points:

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