The bicycle has several advantages, indeed it is an ally for your health and for the nature, it is easily transported and parked, it does not emit any CO2, nor noise pollution. It allows a friendly exchange with other users, takes you everywhere reducing your stress and is the fastest means of transport on short distance and in the urban environment.

1. Riding a bike makes you happier!

Indeed, the fact of going to work with an active mode of transport, deciding on the time, the distance promotes our well-being. *

2. It is the fastest means of transportation in the city

On local trips, the bicycle is as fast as a car in urban areas. Not to mention that a cyclist is in full control of his or her of his time and his journey: it is possible to It is possible to calculate the exact time of the journey, whatever the weather, whether there is traffic jam or not.

3. It's good for your health

When you start cycling in the morning, all your senses are alert and your reflexes are activated. And we know that regular exercise promotes the release of release of endomorphins. Regular exercisers enjoy the following benefits benefits in their daily lives, such as fitness, restful sleep and a stronger immune system.

4. Cycling, a break from the daily grind

Cycling gives you time to think, concentrate and relax. Cycling is relaxing and helps you take a step back. A real rejuvenating factorIt is a true resource factor, which allows you to make a real break from your daily life. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert the feeling and benefits are the same.

5. Uny bit of sport in your daily life

Cycling is a complete exercise It works and strengthens your heart, your muscles and your breathing capacity.

This prevents cardiovascular disease, since one of the main causes is lack of exercise. Many doctors recommend cycling as a regular exercise and there are few contraindications, as you can do it at your own pace.

6. Cycling requires very little specific equipment

To cycle, all you need is a bike and a helmet. and a helmet. For your safety, you can equip yourself with lights and reflective accessories to be more visible at night but also during the day. To fight against theft, only good anti-theft devices are effective. A budget equipment rain gear is necessary if you ride all year round. For cyclists and mountain bikers, the choice of an adapted equipment is fundamental, for the helmet it is better to have a helmet which has the Mips membrane to optimize its protection in case of fall, a pair of shoes with wedges adapted to your physical condition and to your expectations, and an outfit specific to the season and to your practice. Each accessory can influence your performance.

7. An ecological way of transportation

It is not the only one but it contributes fully, like walking and other soft modes, to the preservation of the environment. It is indeed indisputable that the presence of bicycles facilitates a calm climate.

8. A way to be in contact with nature

By bicycle, the cyclist is fully connected to natureIndeed, you are more attentive, you notice the flowers that appear in the flowerbeds, you breathe in the scents of spring, you hear the birds...

9. An economical mode of transport

If you want to buy a bicycleyou should consider this purchase as an investmentEach piece of equipment requires frequent maintenance to ensure that it lasts over time.

10. The more people cycle, the more cycling facilities there will be

The more people use bicycles and public roads, the more politicians will be concerned about giving bicycles their rightful place. a fair place for cycling. Indeed, the infrastructures for cyclists have been actively developing in recent years to promote the sharing of roads between us and motorists, the dedicated infrastructure offers an indisputable and necessary safety, that is why it is important to use them at every opportunity, we must not hesitate to have a GPS to guide us on it and advise us to adapt routes.