In the demanding world of technical mountain footwear, finding the perfect balance is a never-ending quest. This balance, which makes it possible to control the body's position and movement in space, represents a harmonious fusion of often opposing forces.

For the R&D department of La Sportiva, a pioneer in mountain footwear and technical clothing since its modest beginnings in 1928, this quest for balance is at the heart of its daily challenges. This Italian company has come a long way since its humble beginnings, anticipating and shaping mountaineering trends with ever more innovative and revolutionary products.

La Sportiva 's renown lies in the iconic lines of its high-mountain boots, which were worn on the historic winter ascent of K2 in Nepal, ultratechnical boots for the most extreme environments. Likewise, the Trango series is acclaimed by hikers for its lightness and modern aesthetic.

Today, La Sportiva unveils two new shoes in its emblematic Aequilibrium range: Hike GTX and Trek GTX. These new lines embody the company's commitment to finding the perfect balance between lightness and performance, developed for long-distance hiking and to meet the needs of modern walkers.

What is the Aequilibrium series?

The name of the series clearly expresses its objective: to perfectly reconcile comfort, technicality, lightness and durability to meet the demands of modern mountaineering, focused on speed and lightness. The Aequilibrium range has been specially designed for use in alpine environments, suitable for fast, light day trips as well as technical passages over rocky and varied terrain. It accompanies the mountaineer all the way from base to summit, offering an unrivalled level of comfort.
" Year after year, we've always sought to support and stimulate the rapid evolution of mountaineering," says La Sportiva CEO Lorenzo Delladio, " which has gradually moved from sturdy leather boots to even more high-performance products in synthetic materials, lightweight but equally robust products suitable for day trips from home to the summit, passing over highly technical terrain where the use of crampons is mandatory. What sets these products apart today is their practicality, a feature that combines technicality and comfort."

The Aequilibrium series comprises 4 models with varying degrees of technical sophistication:


Lightweight, high-performance boot with high-tech gaiter for fast mountaineering on mixed terrain and medium altitudes. Technically avant-garde, it's the perfect synthesis of lightness, comfort and durability.

Ultra-light, highly versatile technical hiking boot, ideal for vias ferratas, trekking, glacier traverses and mixed terrain.

Technical hiking shoe with leather upper, ideal for backpacking and multi-day hikes at altitude.

With a weight of just 530 g per shoe, Aequilibrium Speed GTX is the lightest mountaineering shoe in the range, guaranteeing the same levels of performance as a heavier mountaineering shoe.

Which technologies?

The technology common to all models lies in the design of the Double Heel™, which ensures an exceptional rolling action. The specific geometry with accentuated double rear cleat enhances the braking effect on descents, promoting a smoother walking rhythm and reducing muscle fatigue. The combination of durability and lightness is evident in the construction of the sole/inter-sole, which features an outer shell and a highly flexible inner foam, for perfect cushioning and an extremely lightweight product.

The innovative Vibram® SpringLug Tech outsole provides extra comfort and outstanding all-terrain performance. This new technology, developed by Vibram, combines a rubber shell for maximum protection and abrasion resistance, with exceptional grip. Inside, low-density polyurethane maximizes comfort and enables the sole to adapt efficiently to uneven terrain.

Each element is meticulously designed to minimize dimensions and guarantee exceptional lightness, enabling the products to be worn comfortably for long hours of walking and in a variety of situations. Another essential element is 3D Flex System Evo™ technology, renowned for its effectiveness within the La Sportiva Trango line. Thanks to a contoured malleolus, this technological evolution offers better support control and optimal ankle mobility.

All versions feature an inner lining with a Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane for waterproofing and breathability. Aequilibrium Top goes even further in terms of technical features, with the BOA® Fit System lacing system integrated into the gaiter, enabling precise volume adjustment with just one hand.

2024 NOVELTIES: Aequilibrium Trek GTX and Hike GTX


The mid-mounted version of the Aequilibrium range, this boot is agile and lightweight, perfect for hiking on varied terrain. Made from synthetic fabric, it offers lightness and breathability without compromising protection and durability, thanks in particular to its abrasion-resistant edge in the most heavily used areas

The 3D Flex System Evo™ ensures natural flexibility and optimal mobility at the ankle, offering maximum grip and safety on all types of terrain. Equipped with a GORE-TEX Extended Comfort membrane, it is fully waterproof. What's more, its tread is resoleable, extending its life and guaranteeing the quality of the sole.

Designed to offer both protection and support, as well as the ability to walk for long hours while preserving optimum freedom of movement, even on the most technical terrain. The combination of La Sportiva's know-how and technologies, inherited from the world of mountaineering, has created a shoe ideal for long treks and backpacking, offering a perfect balance between technicality and comfort.

The Double Heel™ construction sole ensures a smooth ride and natural foot support, while theImpact Brake System™ guarantees maximum traction on ascents and optimal control on descents. What's more, the tread is resoleable, extending product life and ensuring sole quality. The abrasion-resistant leather upper adapts to the ergonomics of the foot, making this boot the perfect choice for all your outdoor adventures.

Whether you want to break a climbing record in a day, achieve an FKT (fastest known time), or simply enjoy an excursion with a versatile product capable of following you from the car to the summit without compromising on comfort and technicality, the Aequilibrium series has been specially designed to meet the demands of the modern mountaineer. It embodies a perfectly adjusted balance, adapted to the most extreme challenges.


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