Meindl is a story that began over 300 years ago and today the 9th generation of Meindl continues to carry on the family tradition. The family business is particularly committed to sustainability, and the careful use of the resources at ourdisposal is one of its fundamental principles. Membership of the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Preservation, support for the wardens of the Berchtesgaden and Hohe Tauern national parks with suitable footwear, and investment in the "BaumInvest" reforestation project in Costa Rica are all examples of active environmental awareness.

However,acting responsibly and sustainably means much more. It involves the entire production process. Specific areas such as waste management, recycling, repair service, renewal of the lighting in the production area, the use of ISO-certified environmentally friendly paper for catalogues and shoe cartons are part of this approach. Meindl also demands that its business partners comply with its ethical guidelines and that their subcontractors do the same. This is exactly the company's philosophy. The future belongs to those who act in harmony with nature and people!


  • 1974: Since the beginning of the 1970s, Meindl has been offering its employees a free bus transfer to and from work using company vehicles or specialised companies.
  • 1980: Promotion and cooperation in the field of nature conservation with the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection.
  • 1991: Establishment of an environmental committee for responsible waste production and disposal.
  • 1992: 1992 ASU Award for exemplary corporate ecology
  • 1993: Development of a collection and recycling system for used shoes in cooperation with the Hanoverian company DGW.
  • 1995: Completion of the new production site (3,000 m2), which provides job security for many employees in the Bavarian region. Alfons Meindl receives the Federal Cross of Merit for services to the region. Meindl launches its own ÖKO-LOGIG PRODUCED label, which embodies the principle of "sparing nature to live and discover with it".
  • 2007: Meindl receives the Bavarian State Medal for outstanding environmental services from the Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection.
  • 2008: Establishment of the state-approved Alfons Meindl Social Foundation to provide financial support to people in need who receive insufficient assistance from other public authorities or social institutions. Lukas and Lars continue the work of their father.
  • 2011: In order to maintain the location and the associated jobs in the region, Meindl invests in an air purification system for the production of its shoes. This compliance with the European directives avoids the relocation of production to low-cost countries outside the EU.
  • 2012: Meindl Identity® - An organic, ecological and regional product. With the Identity® number and a detailed certificate of origin for the upper leather, Meindl becomes the first shoe manufacturer in the world to offer complete transparency regarding its suppliers and partners. From the local farmers to the tannery to the employees, every customer can trace the journey of his or her shoes.
  • 2015: An energy audit was carried out at the Kirchanschöring site. This assessment proved to be a new source of inspiration for Meindl to implement sustainability projects within its premises.
  • 2021 : Meindl's philosophy is still the same: tradition and innovation in the heart of the Alps.


Meindl's headquarters, which is also the company's historic production site, is located in the heart of an unspoiled natural landscape. The principle of tradition and innovation is applied by Meindl in the very heart of the production and design of the range : some models have become timeless (Perfekt, Island, Borneo, Himalaya...). But at the same time, each new collection brings novelties and innovation (Pure Freedom, Finale GTX, Air Revolution,...).


All Meindl production sites are owned by Meindl and are located within the EU, thus facilitating logistics between sites and making production much more flexible. Sufficient traceability of products and production documents ensures that only verified materials of satisfactory quality are used and integrated into the manufacturing process.
Meindl actively works with more than 100 suppliers, and visits them regularly. In 2014, Meindl succeeded in conducting an ecological audit of all its partners. Meindl promotes, monitors and supports the sustainability activities of its suppliers, encouraging them to continuously improve.


Meindl is committed to implementing principles and acting as ambassadors for environmentally friendly initiatives:
  • Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle,
  • Optimize the use of raw materials and energy, minimize the use of natural resources and avoid waste,
  • Contribute to climate protection initiatives by reducing our CO2 emissions,
  • Avoiding the use of regulated chemicals and favouring alternatives to manufacture our shoes.

One of the main objectives of Meindl's work is to identify and control its impact on nature. To understand the consequences of operational processes, Meindl has analysed the life cycle of its products: the way footwear is designed, developed, produced, transported and sold.

It is important for Meindl to monitor its environmental impact already during production. Decisions made during the development phase have a direct impact on this impact throughout the production cycle. For Meindl, product development also means sustainable design and the increased use of environmentally friendly materials. This mindset permeates purchasing, production, global engagement and ultimately all sales.


Durability is closely linked to the life span and shelf life of a product. It is therefore important for Meindl to offer its customers a repair service worthy of the name. This means that even badly worn shoes can be made to look almost like new again. Almost all Meindl models can be resealed. Meindl's distributors are the ones who send the shoes, because Meindl wants to inspect and check each pair before exchanging or destroying a pair. A team of more than 30 shoemakers is on hand daily to deal with everything from simple seam repairs to complete sole replacement. Its shoemaking experts are able to perform all possible tasks on a damaged shoe. This maintenance gives the shoes concerned a "second life".

As you can see, Meindl is a brand of hiking boots that respects the environment and offers you quality products. So come and take a look at Alpinstore, to find the pair of Meindl shoes what you need! Whether you are a man or a woman, happiness is behind your screen.