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The MEINDL brand has been a prestigious name in the outdoor industry for over 300 years. Founded in Germany, the family-owned company is known for its commitment to quality, innovation and durability.

MEINDL places a high value on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each product is made with care and precision, using high quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Whether it's hiking boots, trekking boots or après-ski boots, MEINDL strives to provide products that offer comfort, performance and protection in all conditions.

Meindl, the story of a family passion

Or the story of a family passion for the design and manufacture of first-class shoes for over 300 years.

Petrus Meindl is mentioned in the 17th century as the first shoe manufacturer in Kirchanschöring. Since then, there have been Meindl manufacturers without interruption. Today, the 9th generation continues the tradition.

Master shoemakers for more than 9 generations, Meindl continues to combine tradition, quality and innovation in all models offered. From the double Norwegian stitching to the Gore-Tex® lined model, Meindl offers a complete range of footwear for all outdoor activities: from the high mountains and glaciers to the city, hiking or family.

Alfons Meindl was already advocating for the environment in a mountaineering manual in 1976, and in March 2006 the company was awarded the Bavarian State Medal for Environmental and Health Protection.Today, Meindl still makes shoes for people who love nature and spend their free time there.

With the Identity® line of shoes, you have access to full product traceability, all the way back to the mountain pastures where the leather uppers come from. Meindl is the first company in the world to provide this full traceability. To do this, simply enter the number on the inside of the shoe on the website

In addition to this traceability, the shoes of the Identity® collection benefit from the Terra Care Zero® label, awarded to the Heinen tannery, which is committed to designing its leather with the greatest respect for the environment and with the objective of minimum Co2 emissions.


Products classified in 6 categories

This classification was created more than 40 years ago by Meindl, to facilitate the choice of models.

  • Category A, the perfect shoe for the lightwalker, for those who want a solid and fashionable shoe for every day. Example: Caracas, Literock GTX®, Rialto, Matera, Finale
  • Category A/B, for the first steps in hiking, for those who want to hike in the fields, at low altitude and on marked trails. Example: Ontario GTX®, Tonale GTX®, Ohio 2 GTX®.
  • Category B, the classic trekking boot, for long walks and comfortable hikes in the mid-range mountains, on long routes such as Saint-Jacques. Example: Borneo 2 MFS, Softline TOP GTX®, Litepeak GTX®
  • Category B/C, the shoe for ambitious trekking, for those who want to tackle the first high mountain trails. Example: Engadin Men MFS, Himalaya MFS, Air Revolution 4.1 Lady and of course the timeless Island.
  • Category C, the high mountain shoe: particularly stable for alpine trekking on rocky trails, on rocky faces. May be suitable for crampons. Example: Island MFS Alpine, Jorasse GTX®.
  • Category D, the high level mountain boot, on which you can rest completely in extreme conditions. Cramponable. Example: Breithorn GTX®.

An innovative brand

Despite decades of knowledge and experience, Meindl has never stopped innovating and inventing to constantly challenge and improve products.

  • Comfort fit® (since 2007)

Compared to a trekking last, the Comfort fit® last leaves more room in the forefoot with a firm grip in the heel. You stand on a wider base. This more defined shape allows for a much easier rolling of the foot when walking.

1- More space for the toes

2- More width for a better fit of the big toe

3- Wider stance thanks to a wider sole

4- Perfect fit thanks to a snug heel

The Comfort Fit® line of hiking shoes has an insole to complement the shoe. Combining the Comfort Fit® footbed with the Comfort Fit® cork insole offers the best possible combination of foot comfort. The construction of the insole is multi-layered and supported by an anatomically designed cork last. A shock absorber is integrated in the heel area.

  • SportOmed orthopedic®

With a handcrafted design and soft materials, the SportOmed series is based on the Comfort Fit® concept and a focus on seamlessness in the forefoot area. A special feature of the SportOmed line is the volume adjustment, which allows you to customize your shoe to fit different orthopedic insoles. If more space is needed, the pad between the insole and the outsole can be removed.

  • Air Revolution® (since 2000)

Meindl first introduced this revolutionary technology over 20 years ago! Since then, the Air Revolution® system has continued to excel with its climate management inside the shoe. Thanks to continuous development, the system is still THE system for better ventilation inside trekking and alpine boots.

The tongue adjacent to the foot is a combination of mesh and cushioning and perforated foam. The Air Revolution® tongue extends well above the foot to facilitate airflow. It is attached at certain points in the shoe, again to improve airflow.

  • MFS Vakuum® (since 2006)

The most important features of the MFS Vakuum® technology are the fit of the foot. The idea behind this technology is to combine outer stability with inner comfort. The special foam that runs all the way to the toes guarantees a perfect fit. The elasticity of the Gore-Tex® in the heel area is incredible, eliminating heel seams. The Air-Active® Vakuum® insole adapts perfectly to the foot, thanks to the combination of foam and fabric, providing very good support at the same time.

  • Variofix® (2005: Variofix®1; 2008: Variofix®2; 2012: Variofix®3)

A system that works: The Variofix® lacing system provides a perfect fit and has been continuously improved over the years. In the heel area, the Variofix® system runs around the heel and provides a perfect fit. When lacing, the "Speed Wire" is pulled evenly and cushions the foot at the bottom of the shoe, preventing blisters and chafing.

  • Best-Fit

The insole of Meindl children's shoes can be easily removed. Also, they are marked to quickly identify if they are still the right size for the child.

  • Alpine-sole concept

The shoes of the Alpine range (Wildhorn GTX®, Jorasse GTX®, Breithorn GTX®), as well as other models (Litepeak Pro GTX®, Air Revolution Alpin) have cramponable soles (semi-automatic or automatic).

  • Heelcuff-Freeflex

A stretch zone is integrated in the heel area, making the liner much more elastic. The fit is closer to the foot, without additional pressure.

  • MFS System® (since 2003)

Meindl shoes from the MFS® line provide an ideal fit. By combining different types of foam in the ankle and heel area, the shoes can be adapted to different foot shapes when warmed by the body.

THE MFS® PRINCIPLE: MFS foam in the heel and SOFT-PRINT foam in the sole adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot thanks to body heat and pressure exerted during walking.

  • Gore-Tex Surround® technology

This technology allows the shoes to be breathable and waterproof. This unique construction keeps the foot dry.

  • Fit System Concept (since 2012)

Meindl offers several models with a different foot width, always with the aim of offering the best shoe.

W - Wide: 10mm are removed from the shoe around the foot

M - Medium: the shoe has a standard width

S - Slim: 12,5mm are added to narrow the shoe.

  • Double Norwegian stitching

Meindl has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality shoes and boots for over 300 years. This tradition is the reason why Meindl maintains the handmade work of double stitching. As this method requires a lot of experience and know-how, only a few master shoemakers are skilled enough to master this method. The double stitching makes the shoes and boots particularly strong and stable, and can be recognized quickly by the visible double stitching at the edge of the shoe.

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