Patagonia, a company to save the planet

Patagonia, a company to save the planet

A conscience

Patagonia is a company conscious of the life that people lead on the land today. This company, which originally manufactured equipment for mountaineers, decided to keep this activity at the heart of their strategy. Namely that all the products manufactured by the Patagonia brand, are intended for silent sports, all of them not requiring an engine.


The values that Patagonia reflects are those of climbers and surfers, with a minimalist lifestyle. The simplicity of the products is therefore a strategic approach to design. Today, 3 criteria are essential for making the best product: functionality, repairability and durability. The latter aims to reduce the ecological impact by making products that last over time and/or can be recycled. Indeed, the brand is constantly working on its work practices to reduce this impact.

Use of valuable materials and technologies

Hemp This natural fibre does not need pesticides or other products to be grown. Its cultivation helps maintain the state of the soil by regenerating essential nutrients. This resistant fiber, grown organically, is not allowed in all countries, so Patagonia hopes that this plant will be allowed one day.

Organic cotton : For years, some farmers have been growing cotton without using chemicals, called "organic cotton". Although the methods used are more expensive, they promote biodiversity and healthy ecosystems while improving soil quality. As a result, Patagonia has been using organic cotton for its entire range of cotton clothing since 1996.

Recycled materials Whether it is polyester, nylon, down or wool, all are materials recycled by the Patagonia brand to make its products. They come from post-industrial waste, fishing nets, plastic bottles, old pillows and duvets, and used clothing. Today, these materials help reduce oil dependency, limit waste and also reduce air, water and soil pollution.

Regenerated cotton : Patagonia, a partner of the TAL Group, one of the world's largest garment factories, can now claim that it is saving hundreds of tons of cotton. Indeed, unused production offcuts are woven into new Patagonia (textile) products. Water, land and energy are thus saved! Not forgetting that less material ends up in the garbage.

A social motivation

Fair trade certified : Each purchase made in the Fair Trade range of Patagonia, allows to send money to the workers, who earn bonuses and can also be used as collective social investments. Don't hesitate any longer ... Patagonia's Fair Trade certified products allow great actions!

→ In 2014, Patagonia offers 10 Fair Trade models

→ In spring 2017, Patagonia sells 287 models

→ In autumn 2017, 480 models will be presented to customers.

Alpinstore, offers you a range of Patagonia products that respect the environment.

Better Sweater Fleece - Woman

"Fair Trade Certified"

Polar Fleece Micro D Snap - Men

"Fair Trade Certified"

Alpinstore is counting on you to participate in these small actions and help the Patagonia brand to save our planet.

All the eco-responsible products and Faire Trade Certified are waiting for you on our site.

Let yourself be tempted ...

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