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How to choose the right shirt for you?

Collar size

It's essential to make sure your shirt collar is the right size. You should be able to pass three fingers along the side between your neck and the collar to feel comfortable. If the space is less than two fingers, it means the collar is too tight, which can be uncomfortable to wear all day.

Shoulder width

The seam at each shoulder should match the bone forming the point of the shoulder. If the seam is too short, it can make the shirt look too narrow, and you'll feel cramped. On the other hand, if the seam runs too low below the shoulder bone, unsightly creases can form on the bust. So make sure the shoulder seam is well positioned for optimum fit.

Sleeve length

To check that the sleeve length of your shirt is correct, unbutton one sleeve and place your arm alongside your body. Ideal sleeves should stop about 2 cm above the base of your thumb. This will allow you to bend your arms freely and wear your shirt with a jacket without the sleeves riding up too high and revealing your wrist. The right sleeve length guarantees both comfort and aesthetics.

Chest size

To quickly check whether your shirt is too tight, look at the level of the third button. If there's tension there, the shirt is too tight. To make sure you're wearing the right shirt size, pinch about 2 cm of fabric on each side, under the armpits. You shouldn't feel any discomfort when you lift your arms. This method will help you determine whether the shirt's cut is adapted to your morphology and offers you sufficient freedom of movement.


An infallible test to make sure your shirt fits properly is to try to put your fist under the shirt or pinch about 3 cm of fabric on each side, at the level of the fifth button. For those with a flat stomach, you can even go down to 2 cm. This test will enable you to check whether the shirt is properly tailored to your figure.

Materials to consider when choosing a shirt

Cotton, a soft and comfortable natural fabric, has the particularity of absorbing moisture. However, this can make it heavy and cold when wet. Consequently, it is not recommended for hiking in wet or cold conditions.

Wool, on the other hand, is a natural fabric with interesting properties. It can be both soft and warm, even when wet. What's more, wool is odor-resistant, so it can be worn several times before needing to be washed.

Polyester is a lightweight, breathable synthetic fabric. It has the ability to dry quickly and wick moisture away from the skin. This is why it is often used in sportswear for hiking. It is particularly suitable for warm-weather hiking.

Nylon is also a synthetic fabric, known for its lightness and strength. It offers good abrasion and tear resistance, making it a popular choice for hiking pants and jackets due to its durability.

With these characteristics in mind, you can choose the material that best suits your needs when hiking or for your lifestyle, depending on weather conditions and personal preferences.
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