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Here are a few tips for choosing a shirt that's right for you

  1. Collar size: Make sure the shirt collar is the right size by leaving three fingers between your neck and the collar. Less than two fingers of space can indicate that the collar is too tight and uncomfortable to wear all day.

  2. Shoulder width: Check that the seam at each shoulder corresponds to the bone forming the point of the shoulder. A seam that's too short can make the garment feel narrow, while one that's too low can cause unsightly folds at the bust. Make sure the shoulder seam is correctly positioned for optimum fit.

  3. Sleeve length: Unbutton one sleeve and place your arm alongside your body to check sleeve length. They should stop about 2 cm above the base of your thumb. This allows freedom of movement without the sleeves riding up excessively or revealing your wrist.

  4. Chest circumference: Quickly check whether the shirt is too tight by observing the level of the third button. If there is tension at this point, the shirt is probably too tight. Pinch off about 2 cm of fabric on each side, under the armpits, to make sure you have the right fit and sufficient freedom of movement.

  5. Bending: For a well-fitting shirt, try tucking your fist under the shirt or pinching about 3 cm of fabric on each side at the fifth button. If you have a flat stomach, you can even go down to 2 cm. This test will show you whether the shirt fits you correctly.

When it comes to materials, here are a few characteristics to bear in mind

  • Cotton is soft and comfortable, but tends to absorb moisture, making it heavy and cold when wet. Avoid it when hiking in wet or cold conditions.
  • Wool is soft, warm and odor-resistant. It can be an interesting option, even when wet, and can be worn several times before being washed.
  • Polyester is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. It's ideal for sportswear and particularly suited to warm-weather hiking.
  • Nylon is lightweight, resistant and durable. It is often used in hiking pants and jackets because of its resistance to abrasion and tearing.
With these tips in mind, you'll be able to choose a shirt that's right for you, based on your body type, personal preferences and the conditions in which you plan to wear it.
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