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How to choose the right compass?

Depending on its use

The use of a compass differs depending on whether you're exploring nature on a leisurely hike or trying to save precious seconds in an orienteering competition.

To make your choice of compass easier, let's start by looking at the different orientation-based approaches.

If you need a compass for your walks, hikes or treks, or if you practice rand'orientation, opting for a compact compass or a plate compass makes sense. These easy-to-carry models let you find north quickly and easily.

If you're just starting out in the world of orienteering and are exploring the art of map reading and azimuth taking, plate compasses, with their different levels of information, will evolve in parallel with your progress.

Finally, if you're aiming for greater performance, you have two options to consider. Thumb compasses, with their fast, stable needle and ergonomic plate shape, allow you to orientate yourself while running, saving you time. Sighting compasses, on the other hand, are designed to provide maximum precision on complex routes or in demanding environments.

The different types of compass


Compact, often multifunctional and easy to attach to your equipment, this compass has the advantage of always being close at hand, allowing you to locate north with ease.

The plate

Ideal for familiarizing yourself with maps, azimuths and orienteering, this compass is equipped with a transparent plate that provides you with essential information for interpreting your map, planning your route and taking your azimuths.

On the thumb

If the notion of time is constantly on your mind during orienteering competitions, this ergonomic, responsive compass is designed to let you orienteer without interrupting your run.


If your priority is precision rather than speed, this compass with mirror and sight is designed to help you orient yourself on complex maps and in relation to distant landmarks.
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