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Here you'll find all the accessories you need for survival, and how to choose them wisely.

The choice of a survival blanket is crucial to guarantee safety and comfort in different situations. A survival blanket is made of an insulating, waterproof material that was originally designed to prevent hypothermia in accident victims. However, it also offers extensive protection against external elements such as wind, rain and snow. Made from a lightweight, durable material, it can retain up to 90% of body heat, providing essential thermal protection.

In addition to its emergency use, the survival blanket has many other applications. It can be used as a signaling device thanks to its reflective properties, as a rain poncho or as an improvised stretcher. When camping, it can be used as a ground mattress or transformed into a shelter tarpaulin. They are lightweight and compact, making them indispensable for all kinds of outdoor activities.

There are two main types of survival blanket: reusable and disposable. Reusable ones are thicker and more durable, while single-use models are lightweight but fragile. An alternative to the basic model is the Bivy Bag, a thicker, more insulating version of a survival blanket.

When using a survival blanket in an emergency, it's important to know the correct folding and positioning methods to preserve body heat. The color of the inward-facing side of the blanket will depend on the specific purpose, whether it's to prevent hypothermia or hyperthermia.

In addition to a survival blanket, a complete survival kit is essential for coping with all kinds of outdoor situations. It can include a water purification system, fire-starting tools, food, a solar charger and other essentials.

The choice of compass depends on the intended use. For hiking and walking, a compact or plate compass is ideal. For orienteering, thumb compasses offer fast responsiveness, while sighting compasses offer enhanced accuracy for complex environments.
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