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Gliding and snowboarding

Snowboarding, also known as snowboarding, is one of the most popular winter sports. Its unique board allows you to glide on the snow, standing with both feet on the same board unlike skiing. The exact year of origin is still undetermined but we know that one of the pioneers of this invention is Jake Burton with the creation of the Burton brand.

Just like alpine skiing, snowboarding includes these three disciplines: all mountain, freeride, freestyle. And the practice of one of these disciplines will guide your guide on the snowboard you need.

All mountain snowboards are versatile boards, recommended at the beginning of the practice to familiarize yourself with the snow and the feeling of sliding to progress. Freeride boards, on the other hand, are generally longer and stiffer to support all off-piste terrain. Finally, freestyle boards are boards that are recognizable by their directional shape and have smaller and wider boards. This specificity has been studied to be able to access powder tracks.

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How to find the right snow?

Did you say shape? Kesako?

There are two shapes of snowboards: directional shape and twin tip shape.

Boards that have the front shape of the pointed board is called directional shape. As the name implies, this shape is designed to give your board a unique direction. For example, you have the Rossignol Sashimi board, or the Nidecker liberty snowboard.

The twin tip shape is the board that ends with rounded edges. This makes it possible to surf on both sides and to change direction without difficulty. You will find many boards of this type at theNitro specialist , but also at Jones founded by snowboarder Jeremy Jones!

To choose the size of your snowboard, it depends on many factors such as your height, weight and level. There is no standard way to choose it.

The camber

The importance of the camber is not in doubt. There are 3 of them: classic camber, inverted camber, flat camber. This represents the camber your board has. The flat camber is the camber between these two.

Think about flex!

If you don't understand this term, then know that it corresponds to the stiffness of your board and it's very important to take this into account when you buy your board. It is often rated on a scale of 1 to 10, knowing that it goes from soft to rigid. A soft flex will be more suitable for beginners to handle the board more easily, as well as for freestyle. The stiffer the flex, the more suitable it is for freeride use.

You now know what is important to take into account when choosing your snowboard, don't hesitate and go for your best winter season!

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