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Snowboarding, also called snowboarding, belongs to the big family of board sports. Taking its roots between skateboarding and surfing, the year of its creation remains uncertain but it would have been created in the previous century in the United States. It recently entered the Olympic Games category in 1998 at the Nagano Games in Japan, notably in slalom and half-pipe events.

But enough about history, let's come to the practice of snowboarding!

You are passionate about sliding and thrills in winter in the mountains. Whether you were born on a snowboard or are just starting out, you will need to equip yourself. And Alpinstore equips you!

It's not the snowboarder who chooses his board but the board who chooses the snowbooader.

Well, in theory that's it, but in reality it's a bit more complex.

First of all, bring your snowboard. You have to take into account your level, of course, but also your morphology, the type of board you are looking for, flat or normal camber for the piste, inverted camber for freeride and freestyle or swallowtail for piste and powder turns. Snowboarding is based on style, so the choice of colour and design is also considered.

Go and choose your style among the oldschool design boards from Nidecker or among the Burton and Nitro brands.

Then turn to the snowboard bindings. All the complexity here is to take into account the board you have chosen but also the boots to optimize your comfort and above all maintain your equipment as well as possible. The different closure systems and the many colors will not only ensure an optimal fit but also an outstanding style!

Then the right feet will make the right riders. The importance of choosing your snowboard boots will be crucial for your days on the slopes. Choose the closure system you want (laces, BOA, TLS), don't forget not to be too tight but rather comfortable and at ease to go down the slopes.

And for those who want to climb the mountains , you also have the possibility to practice the splitboardA board designed for both ski touring and snowboarding. This practice dating from the late 90s, early 2000s is in full swing it allows the snowboarder to discover new slopes. The recent innovations on this type of board, especiallyin the binding systems, make it possible to be as comfortable uphill as downhill.

But at Alpinstore, we also offer you snowboard packs. A ready-to-use pack that can be assembled by our team. Complete packs are proposed to you with the board and its bindings!

And finally, after those days in the mountains, the joys of finding snow and the pleasure of sliding , don't forget to take care of your equipment when you return home with the snowboard protective covers of the Jones, Dakine, Picture and the snowboard boot bags.

All that's left to do now is to prepare yourself a hot chocolate and for us, to wish you a good snowboarding season!

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