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Skitrab: The art of skiing between tradition and technology in the Italian Dolomites

Skitrab are designed analyzed and tested in Bormio (in the Italian Alps) thanks to a system that makes it possible to produce prototypes and test them in the laboratory in each physical and dynamic phase
It's innovation that allows Skitrab to get the lightest skis in the world. Light skis can be made without compromising performance and reliability.

Quality Control: Each Skitrab is subjected to a careful and methodical quality control examination that monitors each stage of its production. Staff training is very important.

Trabs are perfect from structure to finish.

Historical results in competition

Skitrab is over 87 gold medals at the legendary Pierra Menta race. Each year the brand goes on the catwalk and stands out as a reference brand in the industry. This concerns the whole Gara range (Gara aeron World cup ...) suitable for both women and men. The perfect compromise to link performances and victories.

Magico 2 and Maestro 2 the revival

The latest Skitrab born, they benefit from important technological innovations around the shape and its construction with 14 layers. A ski with a perfect balance - light uphill and downhill, for skiers who want the best.

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