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Created in Seattle in 1990, the Nitro brand is today one of the most renowned American brands in the snowboarding world. In order to achieve excellent growth since its beginnings, the company has put everything on the human side. While the three creators are scattered all over the world, the employees also work for the majority of the company from home. Although there are offices in the USA, Canada, China, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, Nitro wants its teams to feel comfortable in their daily lives.

As you'll read below, Nitro is a company that is committed to respecting the environment to protect our playground and minimize the impact it has on nature. As a partner of "My Climate", a non-profit organization, Nitro wants to shape the world through consulting services and educational programs. Here, Nitro promotes short commutes for its employees and has been cultivating this approach for many years. Also a partner of "Plant-for-the-planet", Nitro wants to help them by planting 1 million trees, raising awareness about reforestation and continuing to support mother earth.


Nitro, which is nowadays a large company, ensures that its production has the least possible impact on our environment. The quality of its products must not harm the environment, not deplete natural resources, while sustaining the ecological balance in the long term. Therefore, Nitro implements many actions such as: product quality for excellent durability, production that is limited to demand, energy and carbon emissions are taken into account on shipments all over the world. Thus, we can say that Nitro has been a sustainable company for more than 30 years.

Yes yes it is possible to manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly products! With Nitro, your snowboard and/or splitboard will be composed sustainably: water based inks are used in more than 70% of Nitro topsheets and in more than 30% of snowboard soles. These topsheets are among the thinnest on the market, saving raw materials and weight. It should also be noted that more than 85% of the soles are made from recycled raw materials and that all cores are FSC-certified, respecting procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.

Concerning the Nitro snowboard bindings, there is 20% recycled material in the plastic parts of the products. Injection molded, its parts allow for a waste-free process. The bindings are packaged using recycled cardboard and not plastic. As for the Nitro boots, they are almost all made with PVC-free materials and benzene free glue.


Alpinstore a specialist in the sale of outdoor products, invites you to discover its selection. Here, we offer you snowboard equipment and accessories. Ideal to please you on the slopes and/or outside, the Nitro range is perfect for you.

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