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The PIEPS SET Micro BT Race includes theARVA MICRO BT RACE, the telescopic avalanche shovel T640 and the ALU 260 SPORT probe. A complete kit perfect for ski touring in low and high mountain areas. More details

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  • Mountaineering

  • ski touring

  • alpine skiing

  • Splitboard

  • Snowboard
  • Portée signal
    50 m
  • Type de recherche DVA
    Mono recherche
  • Nombre d'antennes DVA

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The PIEPS SET Micro BT Race includes theARVA MICRO BT RACE, the telescopic avalanche shovel T640 and the ALU 260 SPORT probe. A complete kit perfect for ski touring in low and high mountain areas.

Included in the pack :

  • D.V.A Pieps Micro BT Race
  • Carrying harness Inc. and instructions (several languages)
  • PIEPS T640 telescopic shovel
  • PIEPS Ali 260 Sport probe



  • 3 antennas
  • accurate and reliable
  • the lightest beacon on the market (150 g)
  • The smallest beacon on the market (106x74x20 mm)
  • Light and rigid transport system
  • bluetooth


  • Maximum range (m): 50
  • Search band width (m) : 50
  • Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 106 x 74 x 20
  • Weight (g, including batteries) : 150
  • Battery life (min. h) : 350
  • 1 battery (AA)
  • Transmission frequency (kHz, according to EN300718): 457
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +45°C
  • The lightest beacon on the market (150 g)
  • Smallest beacon on the market (106x74x20 mm)
  • Lightweight and rigid carrying system
  • Wireless device management via Bluetooth and PIEPS-APP.
  • Manual switch from send mode to search mode.
  • Vibration during initial signal detection: This allows rescuers to concentrate on searching the visual surface during the signal search
  • Thorough self-check Review of all relevant hardware and software elements, as well as display of the current software version.
  • Perfectly readable display in all lighting conditions.
  • Perfect Mark-Performance through precise signal processing without any loss of performance.
  • Interference protection Pieps the influence of external interference is eliminated or reduced to a minimum: Protection in transmit mode with Auto-Antenna-Switch: If the transmitting antenna is affected by external interference, the other antenna takes over the transmit function. Search mode protection with signal verification: Only a verified 457 kHz signal is indicated.
  • iProbe support: The PIEPS POWDER BT can be temporarily disabled using the intelligent iPROBE. The receiving beacon automatically receives the next strongest signal.
  • Auto-Search-To-Send: This function automatically switches the PIEPS POWDER BT from search mode to transmit mode, if the beacon does not move for a certain period of time (in case of burial).
  • Group check: examines the activity and transmission parameters of the partner device. PIEPS recommends a group check before each visit.
  • Carrying system: High wearing comfort at low weight, neoprene pouch with soft shoulder strap, Quick-Pull system for quick access to the device.
  • Secure slider switch mechanism: Switching from one position to another (OFF-SEND-SEARCH) is only possible with a secure 2-handed operation. Both operating elements lock button (1) and slider (2) must be forced at the same time and in different directions - only then is it possible to switch positions

The Excavator: T640 Telescopic


  • T-handle with oval profile prevents twisting when shovelling
  • Anti-slip coating for a perfect grip
  • Quick lock system connects handle and blade without pressing buttons


  • Special surface coating
  • Sharpened edges
  • Pronounced central ridge
  • Rescue sled function
  • Non-slip footrest
  • Extreme durability and lowest possible weight

The Probe: Alu 260 Sport


  • Pieps safety marker, with Pieps marker 100 cm and 40 cm

  • Quick release latch for reliable locking and efficient probe assembly.
  • Elastic closing buckle, compact fixable
  • Easy and quick assembly


  • Speed-Cone-System for quick extension
  • Quick-release latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
  • Centimeter scale for reading the burial depth and as centimeter measurement for snow profiles
  • Compact attachable with elastic buckle
  • Space-saving folding design


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