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Mountains and high mountains are a particularly demanding environment where the evolution of Man is subject to strong constraints. The mountains are full of dangers, often imperceptible. When you go outside the ski area, it is important to be aware that you are practising your favourite sport in a virgin and therefore uncontrolled area.

Between avalanches and rocky bars, it is essential to be properly equipped for off-piste skiing, ski touring or mountaineering.

Indispensable for all snow lovers addicted to freeride and off-piste skiing, the purchase of a avalanche safety gear is not to be taken lightly. It's the one that can change everything if you get stuck in a sink!

In the mountains in winter: NEVER WITHOUT MY D.V.A.!

As soon as you go off the slopes, whether it is for ski mountaineering, ski touring, freeride, off-piste snowboarding or even snowshoeing, it is imperative that you equip yourself with a Avalanche Victim Detector (called DVA) but also a shovel and a probe.Without them, it is often impossible to get the buried skier out.

Even if their use is necessary and indispensable, it should not be believed that they will prevent avalanches from being triggered. On the other hand, it is true that in the event of an accident, they facilitate the search and can thus save precious time in the search for an avalanche victim.

Remember to train with the Orthovox Safety Academy! A friendly time to learn and share about hazards and search techniques with professionals.

Better understand my equipment

  • The D.V.A.

Formerly called Arva (Arva being a registered trademark), the D.V.A. or avalanche victim detector is a transmitting and receiving device that uses the specific international frequency of 457 kHz. Wearing under your ski clothing, c ach member of the group must be equipped with a D.V.A. in order to be rescued or to be able to rescue a buried person. The choice of the D.V.A. is made according to many criteria but certainly not according to its price. The avalanche transceiver the most sophisticated will be of no use to you if you don't fully master the search technique. Regular training on non-hazardous terrain, surrounded by colleagues or professionals, is necessary in order to take full control of your device. The D.V.A. is only one link in your mountain safety equipment, it must systematically accompany you as soon as you leave the marked trails . The protection of the whole group of skiers is real when all the members of the group are equipped with a D.V. A., asnow shovel and an avalanche probe, the three elements inseparable from each other .

  • The shovel and the probe

In the case of a burial, every minute counts to find the person buried under an avalanche alive. Locate them with your D.V.A. is of course essential, but afterwards, the chances of survival will sometimes depend on how quickly the snow can be removed, being sure to dig in exactly the right place to avoid losing time. The avalanche probe will allow you to confirm not only the location, but also the depth at which you need to dig. The snow shovelThis will help to clear the often compacted snow above the avalanche victim as quickly as possible. Thanks to the latest innovations, these excavators can be made increasingly lighter and easier to transport. They are - in general - made entirely of aluminium and have a handle and grip, for a better grip when clearing snow.

These different elements are useful and of maximum efficiency if and only if they are used in perfect combination. It is the combination of these 3 elements that reduces the risks associated with avalanches. So, at Alpinstore, we have thought of you by offering you Cost-effective DVA safety packages bringing together the 3 essential elements for off-piste enthusiasts.

Devices to help the buried skier

The best known is the air bag. It's a small light bag, which allows you to bring two or three effects during your day of skiing, whose price remains affordable (between 65 and 100 euros). Its main asset: 2 large airbags located on either side in side pockets, which inflate with helium instantly. An avalanche, you trigger, and the bag carries you to the surface as the coulees slide down the slope. It's a little help to get to the surface more easily and avoid getting stuck under 2 to 5 metres of snow.

Another handy accessory is the avalung harness("lung" for lungs). Still not very popular, it is a harness with a small air pocket that is worn over the chest with shoulder straps and a hose like those used in the Camelbacks. It allows the trapped skier to breathe fresh air by capturing the air in the snow, separating the supply of air to be inhaled from the air to be exhaled. This kind of accessory allows several hours of autonomy while waiting for the arrival of the rescue team.

Protective devices

Snow safety does not only mean everything that is related to off-piste, certain areas of the body need protection, such as shins in slalom, the back thanks to back protectors, but also protective shorties for skiers and especially snowboarders. At Alpinstore, we therefore offer all the necessary protective equipment for every mountain user.

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